Camp Fire Relief Mission

We created the Hope Heals campaign to support 10,000 families affected by the Camp Fire.

With your generosity, Tzu Chi USA was able to provide, love, compassion and relief to many individuals and their families.

Your support have helped us provide:

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Read about our response to the Camp Fire and learn how Hope Heals was born and how we showed compassion in action!

CAMP FIRE Survivor Stories

Story started where Rain stopped

Right before Thanksgiving, the heavy rain finally came. With its help, North California’s Camp Fire finally subsided. For those who had been through the Camp Fire, their story has just started.

Along with the rain season unfolding, I heard lots of stories. In the North California rain, calm down you would hear those sobbing, sigh, remorse, sadness, and the long lasting panic. They came from afar; they hid in the stories; they are buried in the ashes. After the rain, you can hear waves of voices, one after another.

Nothing stays the same. Paradise city doesn’t look like paradise anymore, like there’s no more smile on the kids’ face by the Christmas tree, like there’s no more shoulder to rest your head on when you sat on the beach. Like gusts of wind on the highway, loleness sank through the window and touched our hearts.

CAMP FIRE Survivor Reflections

Known as the largest wildfire in California, many survivors share their tall tale on the journey from destruction to restoration.

CAMP FIRE Vounteer Stories

Compassion outside of the lens – The stories of the Tzu Chi volunteers

They rarely appears in the camera, and they were rarely the focus.

They are alway on their desk archiving information, writing newsletters, sending out and receiving letters. One in a while when the relief supplies ame, they left their table. All together, we have less than 10 volunteers, but they are the ones who worked together to store the supplies in the warehouse or moving to the working room,

They work on the same type of work day to day, at where the camera is often forgotten. In the small office at  the Tzu Chi San Jose Park, they have been working very hard. New cases flush in all the time, files stacking up high on the desk.

They sat behind the desk, listen carefully to the unfortunate stories. They put down all the work at hand, and gave the warmest hug to the victims.

Who are they?

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