Grandpa Joe: Making Two People Smile Every Day

Northwest  |  March 29, 2019

Tzu Chi volunteers asked Grandpa Joe, “How are you?” Grandpa Joe humorously replied, “I feel as if I am newly married.”

His home was destroyed by the fire; he had nothing except for donated clothes which he recently received. Although Grandpa Joe described his experience with humor, his eyes were filled with tears.

Our volunteers felt sorry for Grandpa Joe, but they also admired his wisdom and compassion.

When Joe heard the story about the bamboo bank, he donated his pennies immedately, dropping them into the special coin bank crafted from bamboo. He is very grateful to those who have helped him. He now faces his life with a grateful heart, and cherishes all that he has. Even more so, Joe hopes that he can make at least two people smile in any given day.

Grandpa Joe is a brave man who lives each day being grateful. Although Grandpa Joe lost his house and was left with nothing, he still remembers the importance of helping others.

Tzu Chi volunteers were impressed with his actions and compassion, which in turn encouraged them. Grandpa Joe’s universal love for others reflected the teachings of Dharma Master Cheng Yen, who says, “Our human beings is the Bodhimanda, the way place of Bodhisattvas.”

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