Nine Lives

Northwest  |  April 3, 2019

After arriving in America empty handed from the Ukraine, Zoya worked hard for 10 years until she could save enough to open her own beauty parlor. Then, in 2016, she purchased a home of her own in Paradise City. At the beginning of 2018, she expected to relax a little and enjoy her recently renovated home.

Instead, a wildfire burned her home to the ground, destroying most of the supplies she needed for her business.

She was at home on the day of the wildfire. Suddenly her cat darted out into the street, so Zoya had to wait four hours before the cat finally came home. While waiting, Zoya managed to find a longer but safer escape route allowing her to avoid the more dangerous areas.

Tzu Chi’s compassionate care and love, along with the cash card, gave her the means to make a new start. She was also inspired by the compassionate spirit that is shared by the bamboo banks.

Through her tears, she told us that everything she owned had been lost, but she is grateful that she and her cat managed to survive without injury.

She hopes to reopen her store soon, and will tell her customers about Tzu Chi’s good deeds. Zoya intends to continue looking for ways to repay the unexpected kindness that she has received.

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