Found My Love Once Again

Northwest  |  May 10, 2019

When finally found, Jessie The Dog jumped up, wagged his tail and barked into the phone when he heard his owner, Michael Reasons, on the other end, as if to say, “I am here! I am here!”

At the Disaster Recovery Center (DRC), Reasons shared his experience of how he reunited with Jessie following the Camp Fire, thanks to help from our volunteers. Jessie sat by Reasons’ side, quietly wagging his tail as Reasons told us about the moment they found each other again.

When Reasons went outside, he saw that the fire had started. The fire spread rapidly, and people were forced to abandon their homes. Somehow, amidst the chaos and confusion, Reasons became separated from Jessie; it seemed as if he had disappeared.

Reasons took Jessie’s “Lost Dog” poster to the DRC to find additional help. He said that Jessie was not only his pet, but that the 11-year-old dog, who came to his family as a puppy, was a true friend. He believed in his heart that the dear dog was still out there alive somewhere, waiting to be reunited.

Then, two days later, a cute dog that looked like Jessie was found in a parking lot lying on a blue plastic bag. Someone reported the dog to the Red Cross, who then notified Reasons.

We should cherish what we have and what we love in our life. We must also keep a positive attitude to live, work and face challenges. At the DRC, Reasons and Jessie showed the volunteers a true and meaningful story of the power of love.

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