Relief After Tornado
Deadly tornadoes left a path of devastation through the Midwest. Tzu Chi volunteers are mobilizing to help.
Healing After Hurricane/Tropical Storm Ida
After severe damage from winds, floods, power outages, and more, volunteers from Tzu Chi USA’s Southern, Greater Washington DC, Mid-Atlantic, and Northeastern Regions have mobilized to help.
2021 Haiti Earthquake Relief
More than 11 years after one of the worst earthquakes in Haiti’s history, a 7.2 magnitude quake struck again in the country's southwest on August 14, 2021. Tzu Chi volunteers are committed to help.

Our Mission

Rooted in Buddhist principles, Tzu Chi serves one and all in the spirit of one global family. Tzu Chi volunteers provide humanitarian aid while upholding the universal value of compassion and fostering its active application through giving and social service. 

Where We Work

The footprint of our humanitarian aid missions has reached 133 countries.