Humanistic Culture

Tzu Chi believes that when we create a foundation of moral values starting with our youth, we then create a harmonious humanistic society. This can be done if every citizen works together to help nurture compassion for all.

Tzu Chi USA Journal

The Tzu Chi USA Journal is the official magazine of the Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation, or Tzu Chi USA, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing compassion and relief in the US and beyond. Our quarterly publication features articles on contemporary issues in humanitarianism as well as in-depth reflections from within the world of Tzu Chi.

In addition to English, publications from Tzu Chi are available in Chinese and Spanish.

Help Tzu Chi

With your generous donation, Tzu Chi is able to provide emergency relief when disaster strikes, distribute food to ease hunger, provide medical care to those who cannot afford it, to support students so they have hope for their future, and so much more.