“Pure Gem”- A Touching Gratitude

National Headquarters  |  March 14, 2019
Story and Picture by: 王玉香

On December 9, 2018, we were at Oroville City issuing emergency funds to families affected by the Camp Fire. At the end of the day, we needed to gather at 4:45pm to ride the bus back to San Jose. I decided to use the bathroom first before heading back. Right when I was washing my hands, a young lady who was a survivor of the Camp Fire entered the bathroom. I approached her and greeted her with a warm smile.  

Unexpectedly, tears started to trickle down her face. I rushed to give her a big hug, by which she said she was touched by our “Unconditional Love”. I responded, “This is because we are one family! We are supposed to support and care for each other. Our Master taught us that we all share the same mother: Earth. On Earth, all of our lives are connected, therefore, we need to respect and care for one another!”

After listening to my explanation, she became even more touched. She took out a pure green gem from her pocket. She stated, “I am deeply touched by your organization’s selflessness in delivering emergency funds. I can only express my gratitude with this gem.” I didn’t want to accept the gem so that she could keep it and be blessed, but she insisted that I accept her gift.

After receiving her gift, I had to rush back to the bus and was unable to wait for her to come back out of the restroom to continue our conversation. I don’t have her name or a picture of her. All I have is this pure gem, symbolizing her love and gratefulness to everyone.

I can only sincerely bless her, wishing her body and soul a speedy recovery! Hopefully in the future, we will meet again!

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