FREE Tax Preparation VITA (New York, NY)
If you earned less than $55K last year, you may receive free tax return help from Tzu Chi Northeast's Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program.
NY Fire Alarm Installation
Tzu Chi USA is joining hands with the American Red Cross to provide free fire alarm installations for Queens, NY, homeowners. Fire safety is important as ever; installing fire alarms may drastically helps prevent property damage and save lives.
New York Blood Center - Blood Drive
Join us on Sunday April 14th 2019 as we donate blood to save lives

About The Northeast Region

Northeast Region Office (NY)

Tzu Chi USA’s Northeast Regional Office in New York City was first started in 1991 and quickly grew due to the region’s large population that also encompasses many immigrants. The region can get very cold and we provide much-needed winter clothing distribution and medical outreach for the community.

Service Areas:
New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, Rhode Island



Our first volunteer efforts in New York began in 1991 while taking to the streets to help raise money for disaster relief due to floods in Central China. This was the beginning of our volunteer work putting us on the regional and international map.

As we continued to grow, we opened offices in Long Island, NY, and in Boston in 1995. In 1999 the New York center was upgraded to a branch, while our Long Island location also was upgraded. It was in 2003 that New York became a Regional Office while service centers and branches were established in Boston and Connecticut, all covering the Tri-State area as well as New England.

Due to the various disasters from 9/11 to Hurricane Sandy, the work we do has become even more important. Our compassion is shown and given through our very dedicated volunteers who now number 2,000 in addition to our 50,000 supporters, without whom we could not provide the relief that we do to those needing it most. And when we provide our services, we do so with gratitude, respect and love according to the teaching of Dharma Master Cheng Yen.

Through care and love we have been providing help to those in need while collaborating with many other organizations including Red Cross, Department of Education and Food Banks.

Coats for Cold Weather

What began as some of our volunteers providing sleeping bags and hot food to homeless people without shelter or the means to buy warm coats turned into an act of compassion as we were able to begin bringing warmth during the cold biting months of winter with our clothing distributions. Because the winter months in the Northeast can be brutal, since 1992 our New York chapter has been receiving donated winter clothes for those underprivileged, low-income people who go without. With the use of donated community spaces, we are annually able to distribute winter clothing in all five New York boroughs, from tops and pants to much-needed warm coats.

Healing through Humanitarian Hearts

Because many in the New York area are low-income and uninsured they do not have the means to receive much if any medical care. Our Tzu Chi Medical Branch has three to four free community medical outreach clinics a year. They are typically held in the Greater New York area and on Long Island. Volunteers including doctors and nurses are on hand to provide care to those people who otherwise would not be able to see a doctor. Our volunteer medical team offerings include internal medicine, dentistry, acupuncture and physical therapy.

Our volunteer doctors are caring and patient and do not rush the many people who may have put off their health for some time and are in great need of services. The New York Tzu Chi Medical Association this year launched a private fundraising campaign that focuses on the eyesight of low-income people, especially for seniors and students. Equipment purchased enables patients to receive an eye exam and to receive a one-time pair of eyeglasses.


Northeast Region Office (NY)
137-77 Northern Blvd
Flushing, NY 11354
Tel   718-888-0866
Fax   718-460-2068
East Long Island Office (NY)
4 Milburn Road
South Setauket, NY 11720
Tel   631-964-3393
Long Island Branch Office (NY)
60 E Williston Ave
East Williston, NY 11596
Tel   516-873-6888
Fax   516-746-0626
Manhattan Service Center (NY)
101 Lafayette Street
New York, NY
Tel   212-965-1151
Fax   212-965-1152
Boston Service Center (MA)
15 Summer St
Newton, MA 02464
Tel   617-762-0569
Fax   617-431-4484
Brooklyn Service Center (NY)
5721 6th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY
Tel   917-909-0682
Tzu Chi Center (NY)
229 E. 60Th Street
New York, NY 10022
Tel   212-660-9229

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