Giving is a Way of Life

There’s tremendous and relentless suffering in the world today, from the devastation and trauma caused by disasters to the persistent hardship resulting from poverty, hunger, lack of medical care, and more. Your generous donation will help Tzu Chi provide emergency relief after disaster strikes, distribute food to ease hunger, offer medical care to those who can’t afford it, support students, and more.


Being able to help others is a true blessing, and giving can become a way of life once you discover the joy of improving someone’s situation or bringing hope to replace despair. Giving on a regular basis nurtures the kindness in our hearts, allowing it to grow stronger and stronger. Together, we’re unstoppable in our power to ease suffering and change the world for the better. Let’s do it!


Provide Taiwan Earthquake Relief

  • A devastating 6.4 magnitude earthquake struck Hualien, Taiwan on February 6, 2018, leaving many residents in shock and dire need of help, as numerous apartment buildings, homes, and other structures in the city collapsed. Starting February 7 to February 28, your donation to our Disaster Relief fund can help those impacted by the Taiwan earthquake.