Help Support Tzu Chi Through Amazon Smile| A How to Guide for Mobile, Desktop & App

National Headquarters  |  October 12, 2018
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Shopping online certainly has its perks–especially with the holiday season right around the corner! Some of the best Halloween costume deals can be found online, and it’s never too early to start preparing for the winter holiday time of giving.

If you are one of the many individuals who shop at, the well-known e-retailer of household items and goods, then why not shop for a cause? This year, shop and support the Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation with AmazonSmile.
Owned by Amazon, the website provides identical services and identical prices to, but with the added opportunity to make the world a better place at no extra cost to your wallet.

When items are purchased through AmazonSmile, a percentage of the purchase price of eligible products are donated to a charitable organization of your choice. Every time you make a purchase, you help those in need.


AmazonSmile Three-Step Guide​

Here is a quick and easy guide on how to use AmazonSmile. See how supporting the Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation through AmazonSmile can relieve a world crisis like a natural disaster. It’s simple!

Step 1

When Going To Purchase An Item Through Amazon, Visit Https://Smile.Amazon.Com As The Landing Page.​

Step 2

Sign Into Your Account, And Select Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation, Or The Charity Of Your Choice. You Will Then Receive An Email Confirmation To Your Inbox. Now, Every Time You Make A Purchase, You Support Our Global Disaster Relief Aid Initiatives At No Extra Cost!

Step 3

Continue your normal shopping experience, and see how much of an impact this small act of kindness can make.

Mobile Purchasing Tips

Beware: AmazonSmile purchases must be made through the AmazonSmile site. Purchases made on the Amazon mobile app and site will not enable the ability for giving donations.

If you usually use your phone to make Amazon purchases, simply visit your mobile browser and visit instead!

Join us in support of this mission to improve the world’s disaster relief recovery process, and endorse charitable organizations, like the Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation, around the globe. Together we can make this world a better place today, and for the future.


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