Tzu Chi’s Founder Awarded

National Headquarters  |  August 31, 2015

The Better Malaysia Foundation awarded Dharma Master Cheng Yen the 2015 Personality award for Tzu Chi’s humanitarian and charity work in Malaysia.

“She is a very special person to be able to make Tzu Chi Foundation a special foundation. It is incredible she was able to do this all when she was a poor nun,” said Tan Sri Vincent Tan, Better Malaysia Foundation and Berjaya Group’s founder, at the Berjaya Founder’s Day.

The award comes with a RM500,000 ($135,000 dollars) contribution to the foundation. And Tan also made a pledge to donate 19 million dollars to the foundation as and when he can.

The Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation started its work in Malaysia in 1989. Recently, it has sent aid to those affected by the east coast floods, the disappearing of Malaysia Airline’s flight MH370 and Typhoon Haiyan.

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