Nobody Gets Left Behind

National Headquarters  |  October 28, 2015

Nobody Gets Left Behind

Sometimes we have to look for those who need us most

After Hurricane Sandy, many undocumented immigrants were in dire need of help, but fearful of asking for assistance. At Tzu Chi, we always strive to reach everyone in need with disaster relief. Finding those left behind took some research and effort, but we soon came to the aid of those vulnerable populations too…

Midterm Relief

On December 21, 2012, New York emergency relief operations transitioned to Phase ||, focusing on vulnerable populations like undocumented immigrants

Many immigrants without legal status are afraid to come in contact with the government, and from the beginning, had been unable to access recovery resources. Facing many closed doors, in some cases, they were even unable to receive water,

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On January 19, when they came, they were able to distribute 30,000 dollars in one day to these people, who did not receive any help for the past 3-4 months… We are all humans and we want to help others. And that’s the human in us.

Working with local communities and organizations such as Council Of Peoples Organization (COPO), Tzu Chi was able to provide relief to even more families in need.

School supply & cash card distribution at a local community church in Coney Island

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I’m happy that my children don’t need to sleep on the floor tonight. I’m happy that people came to help without any anticipation of giving anything. There are nice people in the world.

Community Outreach Associates (COA)

Tzu Chi also began training local volunteers in New York as Community Outreach Associates (COAs), so that they could extend a helping hand to the most vulnerable and needy in the community.

Community Outreach Associate at distribution in Staten Island. Feb. 23, 2013

Care Recipient Home Visits

Local Community Outreach Associates made home visits to further assess the type of help individuals and families needed.

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I am very grateful for Master Cheng Yen, who made it possible for all of these people to be aware of us, help us, be hands on with their charity, and give us a hug when we needed it. I am very thankful.

When you don’t expect a helping hand and one is offered, it will change your heart forever.

Many who received assistance from Tzu Chi, would then be inspired to give back…


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