Those Helped, Help Others

Northeast  |  August 11, 2015

Those Helped, Help Others

When the heart is moved, wonders happen

After receiving disaster relief assistance from Tzu Chi, many chose to help others in return. Some joined our fundraising efforts and began spreading Dharma Master Cheng Yen’s Bamboo Bank spirit. Others chose to help their communities by volunteering. The caring response of those who were helped, was an example of the never-ending cycle of love in action.

Some care recipients, such as husband and wife Harold and Jacqueline Samarod, began joining Tzu Chi volunteers to assist others in need.

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I have a day off. I chose to come and volunteer and make a meal for someone else, and I like to make other people happy.

Bamboo Bank: The never-ending cycle of love

Aid recipients were touched and inspired by the bamboo bank story, and gave back to help others willingly.

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Give me another one and I’ll get another one filled out for you. Because you guys are down here helping us, what else? You know, it’s a beautiful thing. So we gotta give back a little bit.

One year after the Hurricane, Tzu Chi volunteers joined the “Light the Shore” event hosted by the Staten Island Interfaith and Long Term Recovery Group, to commemorate the losses during Sandy and how people of different ethnic backgrounds and religions united after the disaster.

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Volunteers were pleasantly surprised and grateful to see aid recipients return their bamboo banks full, contributing to the never-ending cycle of love.

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It’s not just the matter of giving back to a charity that took care of me. It’s about whatever else that comes with it. It’s a kind of amazing experience that you gave people.


Following Tzu Chi USA’s disaster relief response to Hurricane Sandy, Tzu Chi Foundation was named Member of the Year at the 21st National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (NVOAD) Conference in 2013. Our volunteers were also recognized as Champions of Change at the White House, and received a Recognition Award from the New York Senate.

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Ariel Creamer, founder of Survivors Silver Lining and a fellow winner of the White House Champion of Change award, was also a Tzu Chi aid recipient after Sandy destroyed her home.

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At first I didn’t think we were going to get anything this year. I knew why, I understood, I fully expected it. But then when I actually got a present and I actually opened it…

Long Term Continuous Support

Tzu Chi continuously distributes financial assistance to care recipients in our communities. Some local volunteers who helped out during the Sandy disaster relief mission later joined Tzu Chi USA as volunteers, and benefited from Tzu Chi’s other programs too.

Palwasha Syar was a volunteer translator for Tzu Chi’s Sandy relief distribution at the Shorefront Y (Coney Island, Brooklyn) in 2013. Two years later, Palwasha is now a 2-time Tzu Chi College Scholarship recipient.

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I got this from the scholarship ceremony, and knowing that all the scholarship money I get is from donations, I would love to help other students too.

Three years after Hurricane Sandy, Tzu Chi USA is still helping some communities that have not fully recovered. 

On October 24th, 2015, our volunteers worked in collaboration with Rebuilding Together New York City and joined forces with FEMA Corps teams to install solar lights in Staten Island, and we’ll continue helped our communities as need be…


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