Tzu Chi’s Mobile Food Pantry: Good Will in Motion

National Headquarters  |  December 7, 2016

One day, a group of children woke in such a hungered state that the only way they thought they could alleviate the pangs was to sneak food out from their school. Twenty-two years later, Tzu Chi volunteers still provide aid to families in this San Bernardino community.

In 2015, Tzu Chi had served 110 low-income individuals each and every day through their health and food services. Blankets and warm clothing were also distributed to 6,140  struggling families. In the spanse of these two decades providing assistance within the San Bernardino community, 20,000 residents have been recipients of our aid.

Feeding five children everyday on a single salary is not an easy task.

On Sunday, November 20, 2016, volunteers arrived on scene at Indian Springs High School with a mobile food pantry – our first ever mobile food pantry distribution at the school.

Food distributions are always considered thoroughly, and personalized for each recipient’s needs and personal preference. The Hernandez family received fresh fruit and vegetables, tortillas, beans, and a bag of rice, providing nourishment for the family for days.

There is one important thing in this package, and it’s love from people you don’t know. They do it with heart and soul.

Approximately 393 families were provided with total 12,000lb bags of fresh, nutritious food, blankets, sweaters, and Christmas ornaments on the very first day of distribution.

Medical services, including dental examinations, were provided at the event.

More mobile food pantry services are being planned through the upcoming year.

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