THH2017 Charity Art Performance Tour in Support of its Missions

National Headquarters  |  July 6, 2017

Tzu Chi USA announces its “Thousands of Helping Hands” THH2017 Charity Art Performance Tour featuring the astonishing artistry of the world-renowned China Disabled People’s Performing Art Troupe (CDPPAT). The tour begins on September 9 and ends on October 1, with a total of seven shows across Texas and California. Daniel Ho, a six-time Grammy winning musician, and The All-American Boys Chorus, “America’s Most Beloved Boys Choir,” will also appear in the tour’s final show in Los Angeles.

Tzu Chi USA’s joining forces with the CDPPAT, who have performed at the Paralympic Games and were named “UNESCO Artist for Peace” by the UN, is symbolic and deeply meaningful. The CDPPAT’s talented visually, hearing, or physically impaired artists, who have touched the hearts of audiences in 91 countries, are a testament to how any challenge can be transformed, in this case becoming a powerful work of art. Their dedication and perseverance echoes the steadfast resolve of Tzu Chi volunteers as they strive to continuously help those in need.

If everyone in our communities, cities, and countries can thrive, a harmonious global society can emerge and be sustained as well.

We enjoy working with Tzu Chi. Both of us embody the spirit of love. Tzu Chi’s activities and our performance both cultivate great love.

Through this tour, Tzu Chi USA hopes to inspire and motivate everyone to join together to help the underprivileged and underserved. If every person in our communities, cities, and countries can thrive, a harmonious global society can emerge and be sustained. This is Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation’s heartfelt vision, and it invites everyone to join their mission to relieve suffering here in the USA and beyond.

The CDPPAT appeared at Tzu Chi USA’s THH Charity Concert at the Lincoln Center in NYC in 2016:

This is a great program, and they did it with so much love, and I think that’s what I felt.


Tzu Chi Foundation’s footprint of humanitarian aid at the forefront of poverty reduction and disaster relief has reached over 94 countries since 1966. Here in the United States, in 2016, Tzu Chi USA distributed over $1.6 million in cash cards, benefiting 4,178 families impacted by 48 disasters. Between 1993 and 2016, Tzu Chi USA offered medical services to 551,176 individuals from underprivileged or underserved families across America. Its mobile food pantry travels to impoverished communities in California weekly, benefiting 20,000 families annually. And over 900 inmates have received spiritual support through books, magazines, and the more than 1,200 letters that were answered, offering guidance towards a meaningful life of helping others.


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