The Resettled to Be Screened at BSDFF

National Headquarters  |  February 10, 2017

Today, we proudly announce that the film “The Resettled,” directed by Alan Thompson, was selected to be screened at the 14th annual Big Sky Documentary Film Festival (BSDFF) in Missoula, Montana, on February 20th and 25th!

More than one million refugees and migrants sought leave to Europe in 2015, fleeing from their homes, and all that they had ever known, in the hopes of reaching safety for their families elsewhere. The trial they must face, even today, is a thick shroud of fear and uncertainty, as they make their leap of faith onto unfamiliar and ever-unsteady terrain.

This short film series follows the journeys of refugees from Liberia, the Congo, Vietnam, Burma, and Iraq, who have been resettled in the USA, as well as challenges that they must continue to face.

In today’s political climate, to understand the plight and the truth of their situation, is undoubtedly the foremost step in dispelling misinformation we are so often besieged with regarding refugees.

Hearing their cries for aid, Tzu Chi has been providing necessary aid to Syrian refugees for years.  After the outbreak of the Syrian civil war, and Jordan opening its doors to refugees in 2011, our branch in Jordan soon extended their hands to these refugees in 2012. Essential supplies were distributed among those in need, and critical medical care was provided.

When expanding need prompted volunteers to bolster their efforts, however, they also began distributing water, food, and blankets at Syria’s borders with Jordan and Iraq, in addition to providing medical services and education for Syrian children in Turkey. Our support continues on for refugees throughout Jordan, Turkey, Germany, Serbia, and all across the globe.

Read more about past screenings of “The Resettled,” and how they have garnered positive attention and discussion from those assembled.

Please, join us for this screening – we hope to be able to inspire a deeper sense of insight as well as thoughtful discussions on this topic.

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