Tzu Chi Academy, Portland・波特蘭慈濟人文學校

Tzu Chi Academy・全美慈濟人文學校 Tzu Chi Academy, Portland・波特蘭慈濟人文學校 School Address/學校地址:Conestoga Middle School, 12250 SW Conestoga Dr, Beaverton, OR 97008Weekday Office Address: 3800 SW Cedar Hills Blvd #194, Beaverton, OR 97005Phone/電話: 951.907.4503 E-mail/電子郵件:

Tzu Chi Academy, Long Island・紐約長島慈濟人文學校

Tzu Chi Academy・全美慈濟人文學校 Tzu Chi Academy, Long Island・紐約長島慈濟人文學校 School Address/學校地址: 150 East Main St. Oyster Bay, NY 11771Weekday Office Address: 60 E. Williston Ave, East Williston, NY 11596Phone/電話: 516.873.6888  E-mail/電子郵件:

News and Updates

Tzu Chi Volunteers Provide Love and Relief After the Ontario Explosion

On March 16th, 2021, a powerful fireworks explosion in Ontario, California, shook the local community and sparked a sudden blaze — the blast tragically taking two lives and damaging dozens of homes within the explosion’s radius. Debris rained down on residents, and evacuations were ordered for at least three streets in the neighborhood. Soon after, Tzu Chi USA’s National Headquarters launched an emergency relief operation, and began to issue cash aid on March 25th to individuals affected by the explosion. As of March 30th, a total of $9,000 in emergency relief funds were distributed.

News and Updates

Tzu Chi Makes the Grade With Kindness Certified Schools

Tzu Chi Education Foundation aims to encourage a more compassionate, humanistic society through our schools and distinctive programs that balance both developing the mind and opening the heart. And thus, Tzu Chi Education Foundation in the USA encompasses five Tzu Chi schools to promote a holistic curriculum that supports spiritual, intellectual, social, and creative development.

News and Updates

Help For a Wildfire Survivor Who Helps Others in Magalia, California

Inside a spacious hall in a community church, people are busy moving various essential items like food, clothing, household goods, and furniture around, sorting, arranging. Dennis Holmes instructs the team of volunteers on organizing everything in the ample space, which currently serves as a charity distribution center.

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