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Everyone Can Be a Changemaker for Good in the Era of Climate Change Activism

Rising sea levels, increased frequency of flooding, dangerous storms, landslides, heat waves, droughts, coral bleaching, and ocean acidification — these are the consequences of global climate change that I’d been taught about in school since primary level. However, I never learned that we, humans, are actually the ones who are inflicting this harm onto Mother Earth and to the other human beings we share this planet with.

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Master's Teachings

Facing Challenges on the Path of Service

Buddhists aren’t afraid of trouble, and they actively throw themselves into serving others. In our service to others, we must not be swayed by what happens around us, and we must courageously overcome all obstacles. We must do what others can’t do, endure what others can’t endure, and give what others can’t give. This is taking advantage of all difficulties to strengthen our minds.

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On Living the Change

Despite the seemingly deafening calls from people around the world for more ambitious and equitable climate action, the international community can’t seem to find consensus on how to fully address climate change.

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