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Website Content Manager Media Production Center We’re looking for a full-time website content manager who is experienced in content management and familiar with brand

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Free dental clinic (New Jersey)

To thank the support from the community, Tzu Chi New Jersey Branch is going to provide dental clinic. The service includes teeth cleaning, dental examination, oral cancer screening and dental care education. Members of the community, especially the elderly, low-income or those who have no dental insurance, are all welcome to come.

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Master's Teachings

The Truth of Impermanence

Photo Credit: Peter Lin The notion of impermanence (Sanskrit: anityatā) as a fundamental truth about the nature of everything that exists in this world

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The Power of Love

Author: Zeng Wen-Xuan A wildfire changed the lives of 26,000 people. A pink ribbon represents a ruined house. When you enter the disaster zone,

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