Master's Teachings

Our Innate Buddha Nature

The Buddha-essence is ever-present in everyone because the dharmakaya [Sanskrit: “truth body” or “reality body”] of perfect Buddhahood pervades all, the suchness is undifferentiated and they have the potential.

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Tzu Chi Midwest Charity Gala

Tzu Chi Midwest office will host a Charity Gala that includes a vegetarian dinner, and performances by Tzu Chi brothers/sisters. All proceeds will go to Tzu Chi Charity Fund and Development Fund for the Tzu Chi Chicago Chinatown office.

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10-Year Anniversary Fundraiser Banquet

Tzu Chi Milwaukee Office is celebrating their 10-year Anniversary this year. You are cordially invited to a Vegetarian Buffet Dinner and Silent Auction benefiting the Tzu Chi Milwaukee Community Outreach and Worldwide Emergency Disaster Relief.

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Luncheon Dialogue: The Role of Plant-Based Diet in Addressing the Climate Crisis

Informative talks will explore the positive impacts of vegetarianism on our ecological footprint and global efforts that can be taken to spread awareness. In addition, delicious vegetarian dishes will be served to allow guests the chance to learn about and taste vegetarian alternatives. Join us to change the conversation about climate action and let your voice be heard.

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