As we continue to monitor the global COVID-19 pandemic, we’re doing our part to ensure that both our dedicated volunteers and the communities we serve can stay safe and protected. Learn How

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Tzu Chi Volunteers Nourish Hope for Low-Income Families in Virginia

When a Tzu Chi volunteer in Virginia was notified that a pediatric clinic urgently needed face masks, volunteers immediately delivered PPE to the clinic. Then, when Dr. Nguyen expressed concerns for the clinic’s low-income patients who were struggling with food insecurity due to the pandemic, he and Tzu Chi joined their loving efforts to organize a free food distribution.

My Mask My Story

#MyMaskMyStory: “Your mask can protect others”

Mayor Pro Tem of Arcadia, CA, Sho Tay, recounts his city’s need for PPE through the COVID-19 pandemic, how Tzu Chi USA stepped in to help, and stresses the importance of proper mask wearing in his #MyMaskMyStory.

News and Updates

San Bernardino Residents Cope With More COVID-19 Closures

Fast food restaurants clearly post preventive measures while staying in business. Photo / Jennifer Chien Written by Jennifer ChienTranslated by Diana ChangEdited by Ida Eva Zielinska California’s reopening in phases

News and Updates

Surveying the Damage of Hurricane Laura

Tzu Chi Southern Regional volunteers travel across eastern Texas and Louisiana to assess the damage Hurricane Laura inflicted on 4 different cities.

News and Updates

Providing Care and Support After Northern California’s Lightning Complex Fire

On the morning of Sunday, August 16th, 2020, a severe lightning storm combined with a record-breaking heatwave, igniting several wildfires around Northern California, and creating what is now known as the Lightning Complex fire. Once it was safe enough to travel, Tzu Chi volunteers from our Northwest regional branch visited the evacuees to offer assistance and provide immediate care.

2020 Northern California Wildfire Relief

After the LNU, CZU, and SCU Lightning Complex Fires, Tzu Chi Northwest Region volunteers are providing emergency financial assistance. If your home sustained major damage, sign up now to get started.