As we continue to monitor the global COVID-19 pandemic, we’re doing our part to ensure that both our dedicated volunteers and the communities we serve can stay safe and protected. Learn How

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Tzu Chi volunteers deliver masks for staff and students at Rancho
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A Journey Bringing PPE to California’s Agricultural Regions

The drive from San Jose in California’s Silicon Valley to Rancho Cielo Youth Campus, located in Salinas, Monterey County, is scenic. There is much to enjoy, first along Santa Cruz Hwy 17, with tall trees lining both sides of the state highway, then the gorgeous views of the Pacific Ocean along Cabrillo Hwy 1, which hugs the coastline.

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Washington DC Volunteers Bring Forth Love Through Mask-Making

Great strength arises from the unity of minds and the drive to help others. Amid the global pandemic, a Tzu Chi Washington DC volunteer named Shuchuan Weng wanted to contribute her part toward supporting frontline workers, and decided to launch a DIY cloth mask team.

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Care and Support for Community Friends in Austin

Tzu Chi volunteers strive to support and give back to the local community wherever they live. During the COVID-19 pandemic, giving masks to those in need is one way of doing so.

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Journey of a Hundred Miles in Florida Bearing Gifts of PPE

It was a journey of over a hundred miles going from Orlando to Gainesville. And yet, it was a joy to undertake for the volunteers from Tzu Chi USA’s Orlando Service Center, knowing the relief it would bring to the staff at two healthcare facilities in Gainesville. Such aid initiatives are continually taking place nationwide during the pandemic. 

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Tzu Chi Academy in New Jersey Adapts During the Pandemic

There are many Chinese schools in New Jersey, so parents have a lot of choices. Most of those who send their children to Tzu Chi Academy do so because of the Jing Si Aphorism and character education curriculum that it offers.