Tzu Chi Radio Show

Tzu Chi On-Air Episode 1

Story Time Beginning with the “Story Time” segment, this week’s episode of Tzu Chi On-Air gives us a glimpse into the tale of a

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Master's Teachings

Meditation in Everyday Life

Photo by Peter Lin The state of “samadhi” that I often speak of isn’t about sitting in meditation without hearing any sounds. Rather, it’s

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Winter Community Clinic

Tzu Chi Northern California Branch will have a winter community clinic, providing free medical examination and outpatient services. Open to the public and no appointment needed.

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World of Tzu Chi

Embracing the Tzu Chi Volunteer Spirit in Chico, CA

“There’s an urgency with winter approaching,” disaster case manager Bobbie Rae Jones said. She went on to explain that many families still battled with homelessness after last year’s Camp Fire, which wiped out the town of Paradise, CA, on November 8, 2018. More than 18,000 buildings turned to ash; about 52,000 people evacuated and left their homes.

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