News and Updates

Atlanta Tzu Ching Members Provide Love and Warmth to Elderly Community Members

Hoping to demonstrate their love, members of Atlanta’s Tzu Ching organized an event to write thoughtful Christmas cards for the elderly residents from the Cai Hong Senior Center. Although Tzu Ching members could not visit the seniors, their care for the residents still endures. Therefore, six Tzu Ching members from Emory, Georgia Tech, and Georgia State University, gathered at Jiahao Wu’s home to write 140 birthday cards and Christmas cards.

News and Updates

Tzu Chi Volunteers Unite for a Second Food Distribution in San Gabriel

In September, Tzu Chi USA’s National Headquarter held a food distribution event for the first time in San Gabriel, a Chinese community in Southern California. The response was great from the community, and after collaborating with the City of San Gabriel and the affiliated school district, volunteers returned to Gabrielino High School for distribution on November 7th, benefiting 300 households.

News and Updates

The Power of Love and Unity Endures Through Virtual Interfaith Thanksgiving Prayers

With the continuous spread of COVID-19, Tzu Chi USA’s Mid-Atlantic Region has made some changes in the way we pray. This Interfaith Dialogue brought together individuals who practice Judaism, Christianity, Catholicism, and Buddhism through the gentle power of love to pray for the world and share their hopes that we will soon see an end to the pandemic.

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