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An Interfaith Effort Brings Relief in New York City on Thanksgiving

In advance of the first Thanksgiving holiday since the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak in 2020, Tzu Chi volunteers in New York began to prepare for a series of winter distributions. The first was their traditional winter clothes distribution, which has a 25-year history.

The Power to Move Forward

Online Dharma Study Group Welcome to join us on Sunday, March 7, for our monthly English Online Dharma Study Group at 3 pm HT / 5 pm PT / 7

News and Updates

Tzu Chi Volunteers Deliver Hope to Woolsey Fire Survivors Impacted by the Pandemic

Two years have passed since the Woolsey Fire caused overwhelming damage in California, and many affected families still feel that hope is dim, especially with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic causing even further hardships. Their Tzu Chi family has never forgotten them, however, and volunteers continue to return to the impacted area to bring their love and support.

News and Updates

The Brazell Family’s Camp Fire Journey to Recovery Reaches Its Destination

For the Brazell family, it seemed that they would have to face tragedy after tragedy before finally finding peace and a place they could call home. Stepping into 2021 after having survived the Camp Fire and the destruction it left in its wake, the Brazell family finally felt like they had reached their destination on their journey to recovery. Looking back at their post-disaster experience, the bond between the Brazell family and Tzu Chi seemed like yet another circle that had been fully realized.

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