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Very Veggie Movement

Very Veggie Recipes: Vegan Shumai

Shumai is a dumpling popular in Chinese & East Asian cuisine and originating from Hohhot in Inner Mongolia.
Join us in taking a stand against diseases like COVID-19 by pledging now to eat vegetarian for 30 days

Very Veggie Movement

Very Veggie Recipes: Vegan Corn and Bean Chili

If you have the itching for some good Chili, try this savory and protein-packed dish. This vegetarian chill (aka chili sin carne), unlike it’s Texas counterpart, this chili is made with beans. For those movie nights if you want something filling and satisfying try this recipe!

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Tzu Chi USA’s Message at a Time of Unrest and Anxiety

At this tumultuous time, with civil unrest gripping the nation, with anxiety and suffering due to the pandemic taking their toll, everyone at Tzu Chi USA extends prayers and support in a spirit of universal human kinship.

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Tzu Chi NY and Brigada de Esperanza Unite To Provide Relief For Latino Residents in Queens

It was a cloudy morning filled with light drizzle; volunteers from both Tzu Chi New York and Brigada de Esperanza NY (in Spanish, the Hope Brigade) were preparing to hold a distribution in Jackson Heights, Queens. Everything seemed to go well, when suddenly, heavy rain began to pour. Nevertheless, volunteers continued with their mission to provide food, among other essential items, to residents of Jackson Heights and Corona.

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Teamwork in Northern California Supports Healthcare Workers

Tzu Chi USA volunteers in Northern California had begun mobilizing a response in March, setting up their NorCal PPE Project Team mid-month, to take charge of procuring PPE for distribution. The team’s goal is to respond to hospitals’ PPE supply needs promptly to effectively support frontline healthcare workers.

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Tzu Chi Volunteers Radiate Warmth in Long Island

Tzu Chi’s Long Island Youth Orchestra was formed in 2013 with the idea of uniting music and charity as one at its core. Beginning in 2015, the orchestra joined hands with Ronald McDonald House (RMH) to take part in the “Little Hands Helping Little Hands” program each year, baking cookies and performing music for the residents and their families. Parents of the orchestra members also cook scrumptious Chinese style vegetarian dishes for all to enjoy.