Press Releases

“Steps for the Earth” Walk Press Release

Los Angeles, CA, August 14, 2019 – The Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation will host the inaugural Tzu Chi USA Walk: ’Steps for the Earth,’ a new community event sponsored by Los Angeles County Supervisor Hilda L. Solis. With the increased frequency and intensity of natural disasters globally, an urgent need to address disaster preparedness for vulnerable communities has arisen. By raising awareness of sustainable living, the Tzu Chi USA walk aims to safeguard the environment and reduce the risk of such disasters.

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Master's Teachings

Ignorance and Delusion

According to Buddhism, ignorance is a primordial force that afflicts us all. In Buddhist scriptures, it is referred to by the Sanskrit term avidyā (Pāli: avijjā), combing the root vid, which means to “see, know, perceive or understand,” with the negation a, resulting in the opposite meaning. 

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News and Updates

Introducing DaAi Recycling Technology at the Passport to Taiwan Event

On May 26, 2019, Tzu Chi USA’s New York Chapter was invited to participate in the Passport to Taiwan event at Union Square. At the event, Tzu Chi volunteers showcased the manufacturing process of eco-friendly fabrics made from recycled plastic bottles by DaAi technology Co., Ltd. Tzu Chi volunteers’ introduction of eco-friendly products helped raise awareness for a different means of environmental protection among the audiences. 

The annual Passport to Taiwan event is co-sponsored by the New York City Council, the New York State Legislature and CultureAid NYC. Beginning in 2002, it quickly became a major event for Taiwanese Americans. 

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Master's Teachings

The Profound and Precious Dharma

The term dharma (Sanskrit; Pali: dhamma) is frequently used in Buddhism, although its broad meaning can’t be contained in a single-word equivalent in English. The etymological root of the Sanskrit word is “dhri,” which means “to support, bear, hold, maintain or keep.” In that sense, dharma refers to the underlying principles of “cosmic law and order,” “the state of nature,” “ultimate truth” or “nature of all phenomena.”

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