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Tzu Chi Readies for the 2021 Tzu Chi USA Musical Sutra Adaptation

On August 22nd, 2021, volunteers from Tzu Chi USA will be presenting a live broadcast honoring the auspicious seventh month on the lunar calendar. The special online event is therefore titled “Entering the Path of Love and Compassion: The 2021 Tzu Chi USA Musical Sutra Adaptation.” It will feature musical adaptations of the Sutra of Infinite Meanings and the beginning of the Lotus Sutra, as performed by Tzu Chi volunteers streaming in from all across the United States.

News and Updates

Tzu Chi Volunteers Set Services in Motion at Tzu Chi’s Milpitas Community Clinic

In the summer of July 2021, the state of California lifted most of its COVID-19 restrictions, and Tzu Chi USA’s community clinic, which had shut its doors for more than one year amid public health precautions, reopened again. The initial opening provided free check-ups to volunteers to ensure wellness at community events.

“Entering the Path of Love and Compassion” 2021 Tzu Chi USA Musical Sutra Adaptation 《法華會上》:2021美國慈濟經藏演繹


This August, join us for a special broadcast of “Entering the Path of Love and Compassion,” a Musical Sutra Adaptation hosted by Tzu Chi USA. Our program will include specially prepared performances, streamed live from across the United States. Tune in!

News and Updates

Nurturing Unconditional Love and Relief After the Chicago Tornado

On June 20th, 2021, a tornado struck Chicago, touching down mere minutes away from Tzu Chi USA’s Midwest Regional Office. The following day, volunteers began assessing affected areas and quickly launched relief efforts. Over 100 homes were affected by the tornado in the densely populated Chicago area. Volunteers from Tzu Chi USA’s Midwest Regional Office collaborated with the Illinois COAD (Community Organizations Active in Disaster) and the American Red Cross on June 26th, 27th, and July 2nd, in Naperville and Woodridge to provide relief.

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