Grassroots Movements to Support the Post-Paris Agenda: A Call to Action

National Headquarters  |  November 10, 2016

November 10, 2016

Marrakech, Morocco –International NGO, Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation, held a press conference reporting on its disaster relief efforts, issuing its recommendations learned through hands-on experiences in the field.

About Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation

The Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation, or Tzu Chi, is a charitable volunteer-based INGO that engages in humanitarian aid, education, development, and disaster relief efforts.  

Community and field based recommendations to UNFCCC

  • By inviting and developing transparent collaborations and partnerships, we will have a broader reach to assist in disaster relief and community building efforts.
  • Following the described model for charity and relief, Tzu Chi Foundation and its partners will seek to report annually on their relief and development progress.
  • Strongly encourage UNFCCC & IPCC to consider inputs and advices from global charity organizations in an effort to reduce future climate-related disasters.
  • As climate related disasters become ever more prevalent, rather than a clear separation between “church and state,” as well as other actors, there needs to be bilateral partnerships between the parties; similarly, there must be a continued and focused effort to increase PPP, Public-Private Partnerships.
  • We should emphatically promote the realities of climate change through media channels, further expanding reach and awareness, while simultaneously expelling climate change denialism and skepticism.

Climate Change Education Contact:
Dr. Chi-Ming Peng, PhD
Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation
Weatherrisk Inc.,
[email protected]

General Contact:
Hanford Lin
Special Projects Lead
Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation
[email protected]

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