Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation joins the Interfaith Movement to End the Pandemic, supporting UNICEF’s vaccine distribution efforts in Haiti

National Headquarters  |  December 7, 2021

Press Release

On August 29, community volunteers loaded trucks with Tzu Chi’s signature Jing Si Multipurpose Foldable Beds for distribution to earthquake survivors in Les Cayes.

September 1, 2021
San Dimas, CA

(San Dimas, California) December 8, 2021 — Recognizing the role that recovering from the pandemic plays on communities and wellbeing, the Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation, also known as ( Tzu Chi USA) has been making a concerted effort to send food and medical supplies to those countries hit hardest by the COVID-19 pandemic since the beginning of Feb 2020. As of Nov 24, 2021, Tzu Chi USA’s footprints of humanitarian aid have now reached 126 countries and regions. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Tzu Chi USA has sent pandemic relief to 96 countries and regions in the world, with a total of 48,635,196 pieces of medical supplies, benefiting 3,900,272 households, totaling over 16,108,770 people.

Tzu Chi USA announced today, at UNICEF’s inaugural Global Forum for Children and Youth, its pledge of 100,000 USD to support the interfaith movement to End the Pandemic, rallying support for vaccine equity and helping UNICEF’s vaccine distribution efforts in Haiti, ensuring that Haiti, with one of the world’s lowest vaccination rates, can get the urgent assistance it needs to protect their communities and deliver critical programs for children to protect their future. With the rise of variants, the need for vaccine equity is imperative as ever to help end the pandemic. 

This pledge will contribute to UNICEF’s historic efforts in leading the procurement and supply of 1.4 billion COVID-19 vaccines with participating COVAX countries by the end of 2021. The initial 1.4 billion doses are intended to protect frontline health care and social workers, as well as high-risk and vulnerable people.

The donation will also support UNICEF as it works with countries to strengthen their cold and supply chains, train health workers, address misinformation, and build trust in vaccines and in the health systems delivering them. 

“The pandemic will not end until it is over for everyone. Supporting UNICEF USA allows us to provide and empower vulnerable communities at this critical junction. This is our moment to come together and make an impact as an interfaith community. This pandemic has shown us that building back to pre-pandemic times is not enough. We envision and strive for a more equitable society through partnerships with governments, corporations, NGOs, and most importantly, local communities,” said Buddhist Tzu Chi Charity Foundation’s Chief Executive Officer Po-Wen Yen. “With faith values of compassion, gratitude, respect, and love, our communities can build back safer and more resilient. Every act of kindness goes a long way, so please join us in making a difference.”

Alongside Tzu Chi USA, the Interfaith Movement to End the Pandemic is currently supported by:

  • Cathedral of the Rockies
  • Global Ministries of The United Methodist Church
  • Mennonite World Conference 
  • Muslim American Leadership Alliance 
  • OLAM 
  • United Church of Christ
  • Week of Compassion

About Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation

Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation is a humanitarian non-profit NGO with the missions of charity, medicine, education, and humanistic culture. Its footprint of aid at the forefront of poverty reduction and disaster relief has reached over 126 countries since 1966. In the USA, Tzu Chi has provided care and support after Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Ike, the Louisiana floods, Hurricane Sandy, 911, and more ongoing relief efforts domestically and internationally. To learn more, visit: www.tzuchi.us.

About the interfaith movement to End the Pandemic

The interfaith movement to End the Pandemic is an effort to rally support for vaccine equity around the world. Faith communities and leaders across the United States are coming together to end the global pandemic and to come to the aid of our most vulnerable communities. The campaign has three aims: Fundraise, promote awareness of the crisis, and engaging in advocacy efforts. All donations raised will go towards UNICEF getting the vaccine into the arms of people. It will also support UNICEF’s efforts in the development of rapid diagnostics and treatments and help countries strengthen their health systems. To learn more about the interfaith movement, please go to unicefusa.org/interfaithmovement.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Steve Chiu
Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation 
[email protected]

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