Bees Tell the Story

National Headquarters  |  December 5, 2015
Photo: Stung By Climate director, Nils Aucante (left), and beekeeper, Tim Hiatt (right).

Bees colonies are dying and beekeepers around the world are concerned. Nils Aucante, the director of the Tzu Chi USA produced documentary “Stung by Climate” knows first hand – his father keeps bees in France. And so he decided to make a film exposing the issues and revealing the implications at hand.

This thought-provoking documentary premiered in the U.S during Climate Week NYC 2015, then screened in Aucante’s native France on November 20th, shortly before COP21 in Paris. Tim Hiatt, a beekeeper from the U.S. who was interviewed in the film, was there at the screening as well.

The venue was unique and renowned – La Maison du Braconnage is a museum that only shows one movie a year! The topic must relate to nature and the environment, and organizers were thrilled because the story of bees drew more people than ever before.

But it was the conversation that followed that was even more special. Beekeepers – who have an obvious interest in the topic – were there, but also people who didn’t know anything about it. Discussions after the screening continued for several hours, as everyone shared their concerns about climate change and what it means for all of us. When you think about how bees pollinate one third of the food we eat – their importance is daunting.

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The discussions ended on a positive note: “Let’s go home, plant flowers and trees that are beneficial to bees … and care for them because they’re taking care of us too.”

“Stung by Climate” will screen in France once again in the days to come. Let’s keep this conversation going around the world because it’s crucial for all of us and the planet.

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