Award Winning Beds for Disaster Relief

National Headquarters  |  April 21, 2016

The foldable beds Tzu Chi provides during disaster relief are a winner: Their innovative design earned a gold medal at the 44th Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions in Switzerland!

The exhibition of inventions attracted more than 50,000 visitors, and beyond presentors like Tzu Chi, on hand were 1,000 exhibitors from 40 countries, including organizations like the International Patent Association, the Swiss government, and others.

After Tzu Chi received the gold medal for innovation in design, the president of the Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions  offered his appreciation for Tzu Chi’s humanitarian work, and presented yet another honor:  

We are very glad that Tzu Chi Foundation has brought many outstanding innovations to the exhibition, winning gold medals and special honors. I have heard that this year will mark Tzu Chi's 50th anniversary, so the organizer has decided to award Tzu Chi's founder, Master Cheng Yen, with the Invention Education Medal Award. We want to thank the Master for guiding the inventions and promoting the well being of human kind as well as world peace.

Buddhist Master Cheng Yen, through her example and teachings, is our inspiration. Following her lead, Tzu Chi has been here for 50 years, and we’re just getting started!

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