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Tzu Chi Academy, Walnut・加州核桃人文學校

1920 S. Brea Canyon Cutoff Road, Walnut, CA 91789
Phone: 909.895.2280

2019-2020 ENROLLMENT

School begins on August 15, 2020 on every Saturday between 9:00 AM to 12:30 PM.

  • Age: Classes are available for both beginners and those of intermediate levels of proficiency from ages 4 to 11. Applicants must be within this age range before or by August 1, 2020.
  • Entry Exam: All new students are required to take an entry exam. Please call the office for the exam date or by grade.
  • Uniform: Students are required to wear uniform shirts during classes with dark blue kaki pants. Pants with fringes at the bottom or buttons on sides and low riding pants are not allowed. Uniform fees are not included during registration and are available for purchase at the school’s office after registration.
  • Specialty Class: New and returning students are required to take Specialty Classes. More details will be provided when the school year begins.
  • Class Capacity: 25 students (Classes with 12 or less enrollment may not be offered for the year)
  • Parent Volunteer Hours: Parents are required to contribute at least 3 times each semester to help in class or other school activities.
  • Absent Request Form: Please submit the Absent Request Form (available at the school office) to the school administrators if your child needs to take a day off or leave early. In the case of an unexpected absence, please call the school administrators on the day of the absence and hand in the completed form to the school office before the next class. After 3 unexcused absences in a semester, a student will be considered as taking volunteering withdrawal from school and no refund will be available.
  • Class Hours: Our class hours are from 9:00am to 12:30pm on Saturdays. Please pick up your child or children by 12:40pm. Late pick-up fees will be implemented after 12:40pm with one dollar per minute delay. Late pick-up fees are to be paid to the teacher on duty upon arrival.
  • $560 annual per child (Tuition $460 + Specialty Class $70 + Registration fee $30**)
    **Registration fee will be waived for both returning and new students if registration are completed by April 25, 2020
  • $530 annual for each additional child (-$30 sibling discount)
  • Discount for Commissioners of Tzu Chi USA $30 per family.
  • For check payments, please make check payable to: Tzu Chi Academy and include students’ English name, online registration ID#, student number and class (if available) to the check. There will be a $50 bounced check fee for insufficient fund returned checks.
  • Returning student 3/16/2020 – 4/25/2020
  • New students 4/5/2020 – 4/25/2020
  • For refund processing, please contact the school’s registration administrator to file a refund request.
  • The registration fee is non-refundable except when class is canceled due to insufficient enrollment. If classes cannot be open due to insufficient registrant students, the school will refund in full amount, including the registration fee.
  • Withdrawal before school starting date of 1st semester, tuition can be refunded after deducting $30 processing fee.  Withdrawal after school starting date of 1st semester and before the 4th class, tuition can be refunded after deducting 25%. Withdrawal after the 4th class and before school starting date of 2nd semester, tuition can be refunded after deducting 50%.  No tuition can be refund after the start of 2nd semester. For more detailed information, please contact the school administrators.

地址:1920 S. Brea Canyon Cutoff Road, Walnut, CA 91789

2020-2021 註冊


  • 入學年齡:須於8/1/2020 前滿四歲至十一歲
  • 入學考試:注音班以上新生均需通過考試 (請聯絡辦公室關於考試日期) 或依舊成績錄取
  • 制服:學生必須穿著印有慈濟人文學校校徽之制服。天冷時加深藍色外套。不可戴首飾。深藍色卡其布料長褲,長褲褲腳必須縫邊,不可有任何的花邊,不能補釘,白襪和球鞋,不能穿開趾鞋
  • 才藝課程:新生和舊生必須參加才藝課程。學年開始時將提供更多詳情
  • 每班人數以 25人為限(學生人數不足12人不開班)
  • 家長志工時間:鼓勵家長在學年期間參加學校活動,並承擔愛心爸爸、愛心媽媽職位每學期家長至少承擔班級三次愛心爸爸媽媽,或支援學校的活動)
  • 請假單:學生因故請假或早退時,請於課前填寫好請假單。請病假者,請於當日上課前打電話到學校辦公室口頭請假,並於下次上課時補交請假單給老師。凡學生一個學期內無故曠課達三次,將被本校視為自動退學,不得退費
  • 逾時費:本校上課時間為週六9:00AM-12:30PM。下課請於12:40PM前接走小孩。過後每1分鐘加收 $1,   逾時費用請當場繳交給值班老師
  • 全學年費用:費用$560 = 含學費$460 + 才藝課費$70 + 註冊費$30
    • 舊生如果在2020年4 月25日前完成註冊,免收30 美元的註冊費
    • 新生如果在2020年4 月25日前完成註冊,免收30 美元的註冊費
  • 兄弟姐妹優惠:家中第二位子女學費減免$30
  • 慈濟基金會員工或委員每個家庭學費減免$30
  • 支票抬頭:Tzu Chi Academy
  • 支票備註欄請填寫學生中、英文姓名、線上申請表 Application ID# 及報名年級。
  • 支票退票者罰款$50
  • 新生 4/5/2020-4/25/2020 
  • 生 3/16/2020-4/25/2020
  • 已註冊學生申請退費時,註冊之報名費恕不退回;欲辦理退費/休學請洽註冊組,並填退費申請單。
  • 學校若因班級人數不足無法開班時,校方退還所有費用,不扣除手續費。
  • 退費辦法:在此學期開學日前申請退費之本校學生,須扣手續費$30,其餘學費全額退還。自學期開學日至第四次上課日前申請者,扣除學費之百分之二十五。自第四次上課後,照校方規定恕不退費。詳情請與本校祕書室聯絡。


Registration is closed at this time.

Please contact or 909.895.2280 for more information. 

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