What You Need to Know About Getting Long Term Assistance After the Camp Fire

Northwest  |  September 24, 2019

Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation aligns with the current phase of the Camp Fire Long Term Recovery Group.  To access a disaster case manager which includes resources for recovery, please fill out the online form to be placed on the community queue: bit.ly/CampFireDCMIntake.  Other resources for disaster recovery can be found on www.211campfire.org.  Emergency financial assistance is no longer available. 

The Tzu Chi office is currently not accepting new cases from private referrals.

After the 2018 Camp Fire, the most destructive and most deadly fire in California’s modern history, the Camp Fire Long Term Recovery Group (Camp Fire LTRG) was set up in late 2018 to identify and address the unmet needs of survivors.

For those in need of aid, a call may be placed to Butte 2-1-1, the official helpline for Butte County, CA, residents.

Inquiries are then redirected to the Camp Fire LTRG, who, with the help of a coordinated team of case managing agencies, strives to offer assistance of some kind. Among those agencies is Tzu Chi USA.

Immediate relief may include coverage of utilities and rent, furniture and household goods, food, propane, gas, medical care, property repairs, and transportation, and may link families to resources for emotional support and wellness, employment, programs for children and families, and more. Due to high demand and the limited quantity of local resources, not all services may be available at all times.

For those who need long-term recovery assistance, disaster case managers walk survivors step-by-step through the recovery process and navigate the recovery resources available to them. These may include access to housing, rebuilding, employment, and other pressing, disaster-related needs.

If you are a Camp Fire survivor and do not yet have an assigned case manager, you may either call Butte 2-1-1 (1-866-916-3566 if you are outside of Butte County) or complete the intake form (bit.ly/211intake).

A Butte 2-1-1 staff member will then contact you to discuss your needs and connect you to the resources and assistance for which you may be eligible. Certain documentation may be requested to verify eligibility for specific programs.

Please be aware that due to high demand, new callers may be put on a waitlist to be connected with a case manager. However, you must call Butte 2-1-1 in order for a case to be created. You will be assigned to a case manager as soon as there is an opening.

The Camp Fire LTRG recognizes the importance and urgency of case management services and every effort is being made to build the capacity needed to ensure those needing assistance will receive help.

For those who previously had an IDCM caseworker, or who are FEMA max grant recipients, or who currently reside in a FEMA village, please call Northern Valley Catholic Social Services at 1-844-556-6272.

Find out more about our disaster recovery resources at the link below.

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