Tzu Ching Graduation Ceremony – Allan Tian Story

Southern  |  May 22, 2019
Photo Credit: Yi-chin Chen

We are so grateful to all of the wonderful volunteers who have dedicated their hearts and their time to our cause of international humanitarian relief over the years. The compassion and hard work we have seen serves as an inspiration to us all, and this work does not go unnoticed. We will continue to celebrate the diligence and commitment of our volunteers around the globe to compassionate relief.

Meet one of these outstanding volunteers named Allan Tian. Allan shares his journey from discovering Tzu Chi USA to fully encompassing compassion in action.


Sharing from Allan:

Allan Tian Photo: Jean W. Hsu

“This was the first Graduation Ceremony TAMU TCCA has been able to host in over 5 years. When I first came to A&M as a freshman, I didn’t really understand what Tzu Chi was. All I knew was that my best friend, Lilian Kao, was being pushed into leadership of a dying club. She cared so much about it, and I decided to join. I remember thinking: “I mean I’ll go to volunteer events whenever I can, but I don’t get why she cares so much.”

But Tzu Chi is more about just volunteering. I became uniformed in 2016, and since then it has been an incredible journey. I found a family of driven individuals who wanted to make a difference in others. I’ve made life changing connections, friends, and experiences with Tzu Chi. I began to see why Lilian, and so many others cared.

The spirit of Tzu Chi is a beautiful thing that the world needs more of. And I wanted to bring what I felt to the A&M Chapter. But it’s difficult… probably one of the most difficult things I’ve ever been a part of.

I remember during my sophomore year we hosted a street cleaning, only Lilian and I were able to show up. And after two hours, we were only able to clean up half the street. It was dejecting.
Fast forward past the breakdowns, the stress, the hours of planning, thinking, and THE HUGE AMOUNT OF LOVE AND SUPPORT FROM SG/SBs, FRIENDS, AND MEMBERS WHO JOINED US ON THE WAY…

Here we are.

I teared up much more than I wanted during the graduation, because all of you guys are amazing.
I never thought I’d see this many Tzu Ching uniforms here at A&M. We’re still a small club compared to our family over at Austin, or on the west coast. But I think there’s a candle shining in our hearts, and oh how bright we shine.

A huge thank you to the Mozhu, and the Houston SG/SBs XZ/XJs who came to help and attend our Graduation! Also Kelly, who came and attended this weekend’s events.”

Photo: Jean W. Hsu
Photo: Jean W. Hsu

We encourage you to encompass universal compassion within yourself, just like Allan, and to share this passion for change with others. Now is the time to join hands and work towards a better future!

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