Tzu Chi USA is proud to host the Tzu Chi International Medical Association’s (TIMA) Annual Global Forum in sunny San Dimas, California. Medical and health professionals from around the world will gather to present and share humanistic approaches to health.

2019 TIMA Global Forum

Tzu Chi USA National Headquarters

1100 S Valley Center Ave,
San Dimas, CA 91773

Our three day medical conference will feature workshops on innovative and current topics in humanistic healthcare including medicine; dentistry; alternative treatments including acupuncture, acupressure, and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM); vision care; community health; medical volunteer programs, and so much more.

For those looking to start or continue their medical education and learn more about humanistic healthcare programs, this is the event for you.  Plus, earn continuing education credits (CE) by attending our event!

Register now to attend, or tune in for our Live Stream. 2019 TIMA Global Forum is able to offer CME and CEUs for all of our programs. The CME are for physicians, the CEUs are for nurses only.

We can’t wait for you to join us!

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2019 TIMA Global Forum Agenda (Saturday, March 30)

Time Length Meetings and Events Conference Speaker Room
13:00 – 13:50 50 Session 1 Break out
1. UCLA, Center for East West Medicine’s clinical model and its application Ka-Kit Hui, M.D., FACP Edward Kwok-Ho Hui, M.D.,FACP Thais Araujo,M.D. 佛堂 Buddha Hall
2. Western Medicine Shinn-Zong Lin, MD 林欣榮 Superintendent, HuanLian Tzu Chi Hospital 感恩堂 Gratitude Hall
3. PT The role of PT in the management of chronic pain Treat your own neck and back pain= Sally Ho, PT, DPT, OCS Hsin Lan Chen, MS. PT 八號教室 NB 8 Class room
4. TIMA Malaysia TIMA Eddie Chan, M.D. 七號教室 NB 7 Class room
5. Mental Health MBSR (Mindfulness – Based Stress Reduction) Baw-Chyr Hu, B.S, M.S, MBA 二號教室 NB 2 Class room
6. Environmental & Health Multilevel initiatives of environmental sustainability promoted by Dalin Tzu Chi Hospital Ming-Nan Lin,MD Cindy Hsiao,Ph.D. Professor of USC 九號教室 NB 9 Class room
13:50 – 14:40 50 Session 2 Break out
1. Constitution of tongue diagnosis oral health and sleep Ka-Kit Hui, M.D., FACP Yumin Cho, Ph.D. Cynthia Diep, DDS 佛堂 Buddha Hall
2. Knee Health Promotion Option (KHPO)- A Total Solution for knee osteoarthritis Shaw-Ruey Lyu, M.D. Translated by Dr. Mike Liao if needed 感恩堂 Gratitude Hall
3. PT Occlusal related Cervical Dysfunction> Chen Liu, PT, MS, OCS, DPT 八號教室 NB 8 Class room
4. TIMA Philippine & Indonesia TIMA Antonio Say, MD. Philippine Awaluddin Tanamas Indonesia 七號教室 NB 7 Class room
5. Mental Health How do you detect mental illness from your patients? How can doctors reduce their own Stress levels? Winnie Hsieh Linda Heang (Pacific clinic) Hassamal Sammer (City of Hope) 二號教室 NB 2 Class room
6. Nutrition What Can We Do for a Better Tomorrow? Patricia Grcia Esparza,M.D. Cindy Hsiao, Professor of USC, Catherine Ko, MS, RD, CDE 九號教室 NB 9 Class room
14:40 – 15:00 20 Break Time
15:00 – 15:50 50 Session 3 Break out
1. Integrative East West culinary medicine and herbal approach to Metabolic syndrome/ Diabetes Ka-Kit Hui, M.D., FACP Felicia Yu, M.D. LinHua Zhao, PhD 佛堂 Buddha Hall
2. Artificial Intelligence/Computerassisted diagnosis and treatment in traditional Chinese medicine Dr. Ta-Tung Lin 感恩堂 Gratitude Hall
3. Dental Health Code in the Mouth ~ When Malocclusion Becomes Epidemic Dr. Wanqing Tseng 八號教室 NB 8 Class room
4. Singapore TIMA 筋世奇緣 Qian Qi, Huang, LAc 七號教室 NB 7 Class room
5. Workshop for using Portable Dental Unit (Setup/maintenance/use) Steven Voon, Chief Operation Officer, Tzu Chi Medical Foundation 二號教室 HB 2 Class room
6. Allied Pacific IPA’s way of Population management Kenneth Sim, MD Chairman of Allied Pacific IPA 九號教室 NB 9 Class room
15:50 – 16:40 50 Session 4 Break out
1. Integrative East West approach to the patient with cancer and caregiver’s stress Ka-Kit Hui, MD, FACP Tony Hung, MD Emiley Chang, MD 佛堂 Buddha Hall
2. Acupuncture Wu’s Directional Acupuncture System Dr. Andrew Wu, LAc 感恩堂 Gratitude Hall
3. Dental Full Mouth Reconstruction in Adult and Children Daniel D. Cheng, DDS Ching Hsin Wong, DDS 八號教室 NB 8 Class room
4. TIMA Mexico/Central America / Honduras / Ecuador Martin / Jennifer and Teams 七號教室 NB 7 Class room
5. Workshop for EHR and How to organize community outreach Steven Voon / Olivia / TC 二號教室 NB 2 Class room
6. Pharmacy practice in the US and other countries Chiung Huie Liu, RPh and Teams 九號教室 NB 9 Class room
16:40 – 17:00 20 Break Time
17:00 – 17:50 50 Session 5 Break out
1. Integrative East West approach to common cold and related problems including use of Chinese herbal medicine Ka-Kit Hui, MD, FACP Jui Kuang Chen, MD Grant Chu, MD 佛堂 Buddha Hall
2. Acupuncture Tsung-Jung Ho MD, PhD, MPH 感恩堂 Gratitude Hall
3. Dental The Unforgettable Experience in Dental Outreach of TIMA Lawrence Lai, DDS Yi Pang Lee, DDS 八號教室 NB 8 Classroom
4. TIMA Taiwan TIMA TBD 七號教室 NB 7 Classroom
5. Healthy Community and Cancer Awareness Dr. Peter Chen 二號教室 NB 2 Classroom
6. Knowing Alzheimer 認識失智症 Alex Tsao 九號教室 NB 9 Classroom
19:30 – 21:00 90 USTC 30th Anniversary Party 三十週年慶晚會


TIMA members are requested to wear their TIMA uniforms. We ask all other attendees to wear semi-professional attire, including a white shirt (polos, blouses, dress shirts, etc.) and dark slacks (black and navy blue are preferred).


Tzu Chi USA, being a faith-based organization, will include certain Buddhist ceremonies and gestures throughout the program at the conference. Please note that attendees are in no way compelled to participate- unless they wish to do so- as we would like to maintain an atmosphere of welcome, respect, and inclusivity for all of our guests.



The Tzu Chi International Medical Association, or TIMA, is a coalition of health professionals and volunteers dedicated to providing quality medical, dental, vision, and alternative care, along with community health services and education.  We strive to serve all corners of the world, including underserved regions of the Americas as part of TIMA USA. Founded by Dharma Master Cheng Yen of the Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation, we work with the spirit of offering compassion and relief to those who suffer, as well as continuing medical education (CME) seminars that focuses on humanistic and holistic approaches to healthcare.

Buddhist Tzu Chi Medical

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Tel: 626-427-9598 #3008

Tzu Chi USA

The Global Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation and its American chapter, Tzu Chi USA, aim to empower communities by providing charity, disaster relief, medical care, and educational support where and when needed. By supporting the underprivileged and those in unfavorable circumstances, family by family, we enhance wellbeing and cultivate harmony in society. This charity art performance both celebrates and supports our missions.

Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation USA

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