Tzu Chi USA + Listos California

Get Ready And Stay Safe

Tzu Chi USA and Listos California are teaming up to ensure California’s most vulnerable residents are prepared for any type of emergency. These include any individuals who may be socially isolated, are above the age of 65, are low-income, have a disability, or have limited English-language skills.

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Together, let’s build resilient communities and live a culture of disaster prepared California.

Upcoming Events

Family Safety Expo

This expo is a valuable opportunity to elevate our mental health awareness, strengthen our disaster preparedness, and develop first aid skills that can genuinely make a difference. Join us on April 21, 2024.

Listos Means Ready in Spanish

Listos California serves as a bridge between Spanish-speaking communities and resources for disaster and emergency preparedness. In our partnership, we are proud to extend this same support for California’s Asian-American populations. Together, we’re building resilient communities with the common goal of creating a culture of disaster readiness across California.


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Five Steps To Preparedness

1 Get Alerts

Stay connected and informed by all means necessary to be prepared. Visit to stay updated.

2 Make A Plan

Have a plan in place and discuss with those who live with you to be prepared ahead of time. Mark key locations ahead of time on your phone to understand what’s closest in case of emergency.

3 Pack A Go Bag

Have a go-bag ready at all times packed with essentials. Keep in an easily accessible location to grab a moment's notice.

4 Build A Stay Box

If necessary stay home for safety purposes. Keep bottled water and non perishable food as a back up in case you’re unable to leave.

5 Help Friends, Neighbors & Family

Say in contact to create a plan of action and keep each other updated. Working together always yields greater results. A community is only as strong as those in it.

Listos California free material for disaster preparedness.

Download the Disaster Ready Guide

Download the Disaster Ready Guide

Descargue la Guía de Preparación para Desastres


Where the threat of earthquakes loom, there’s Earthquake Warning California

Earthquakes, particularly, are of the natural disasters to regularly inconvenience California as a threat. To contend against such earthquake threats, the CalOES, California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services, has issued California’s statewide warning system: Earthquake Warning California. Through the efforts of across-state ground motion sensors, precise information and updates regarding earthquake activity via text message, app alerts, and more are given to provide awareness to endangered Californians to allow them chances to acquire safety.

Find further information resources and materials here:

This storm season learn how to be prepared

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