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Unlocking Vegetarian Diet & Exercise: 2021 Healthy Community Project


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The past year got you down and out? Jumpstart your 2021 on the right foot with our Healthy Community Project. Join a thriving community committed to making the most out of this year, with support and guided advice for your wellness and fitness goals. Doing so, we actively prioritize our health, motivate each other, and have fun in the process!

Our programming takes a holistic approach to health. We’ll share and guide you through exercises every Monday evening at 7:30-8pm EST to improve your physical fitness, but we’ll also offer you diet plans and tips to help you make the transition to healthier eating via vegetarianism. Not only will we move to improve our health, but we’ll eat to do so, too. Make a commitment to yourself and join us – see where the journey takes you.


  1. Sign up via this registration form or scan the QR code.
  2. We will contact you with the event details once the registration is complete.
  3. Participants can go into the participating Tzu Chi offices (address listed below) to get their initial body measurements taken on Sunday, Jan. 24th between 2-4pm.
    This can also be done by the participants at home. Instructions for recording measurements at home will be provided after sign up. 
  4. Submit the initial body measurements for record. This will be used to track progress throughout the program. 

Tzu Chi Offices:

Northeast Region Office
137-77 Northern Blvd
Flushing, NY 11354
Contact: Kristine Tseng

Long Island Branch Office
60 E Williston Ave
East Williston, NY 11596
Contact: Joe Chang 

Boston Service Center
15 Summer St
Newton, MA 02464
Contact: George Chiou 

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