Tzu Chi USA’s National Headquarters

National Headquarters  |  May 13, 2017

In the heart of the San Gabriel Valley in California, is San Dimas, home to Tzu Chi USA’s National Headquarters. Our offices and facilities are located on a historic campus and grounds built by a renowned philanthropic family, who initially ran the Voorhis School for Boys here: The school provided housing and free education to orphaned and underprivileged boys, until it was closed and the campus was donated to California State Polytechnic University.

In taking over the property in 2004, we truly found a fitting location in that our humanitarian mission preserves the vision of the original owners, who wanted the site to go to an organization that would continue to use it for educational and charitable goals. Once our renovations were complete and we moved in on October 10th, 2004, the San Dimas community was overjoyed to see that the buildings were beautifully restored, with their architectural heritage intact.

Tzu Chi USA’s Charity, Education, and Humanistic Culture Departments are based here in San Dimas, and Tzu Chi USA Journal is published on campus as well. With our extensive grounds and buildings, we can hold large-scale Tzu Chi events, and hosted Tzu Chi USA’s 25th Anniversary Annual Gathering in 2014. Beginning in 2015, a tradition of hosting an annual Tzu Chi USA English Spiritual Resource Retreat was started, offering our volunteers an opportunity to come together, rejoice in the Tzu Chi spirit, and share with their peers.

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