Knitting a Future

National Headquarters  |  December 19, 2015

As the Syrian civil war raged on, Fatima and her husband made the fateful decision millions of other Syrians did – to leave everything behind, and save their children.

The family escaped to neighboring Turkey, and is now using its ingenuity to survive and even help others. As it turns out, Fatima is handy with the needle and yarn, and was known for her sewing skills back in Syria.

This resourceful mother decided to put her know-how to use. She started to knit and sew items for sale, and also began teaching other refugee mothers so they could help their families as well.

Everyday, Syrian moms with their kids in tow gather in Fatima’s place, and sew up a storm of clothes and baby shoes.

But Fatima had an even bigger dream. When Tzu Chi volunteers visited her home, she told them that while she can earn 5 Turkish Lira a day now, if she had a knitting machine, it could be 100!

Volunteers took her vision to heart, and decided to find a second-hand knitting machine for her. When they brought Fatima to the store, her eyes lit up with joy. She examined every piece of equipment lovingly. Then she thanked Tzu Chi volunteers, with tears of gratitude flowing.

And now, these Syrian ladies are knitting a better future for their families!

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