Tzu Chi Academy, San Dimas・加州聖迪瑪斯學校

1100 S. Valley Center Ave. San Dimas CA 91773
Phone/電話:  909.447.8614

2021-2022 ENROLLMENT
  • School hours: School begins on August 22, 2021, and takes place every Sunday between 9 AM – 12:30 PM.
  • Curriculum: All students have two periods of Chinese classes, one period of Humanity class, and one period of extracurricular class.
  • Chinese Curriculum: Use Mei Zhou Chinese as a textbook.
  • Extra Curriculum: Classes are subject to change and may include: Tea Ceremony, Flower Arrangement, Recycle Art,  Sign Language, Drawing, Family Yoga, Family Cooking, etc.
  • Class Size: There will be a maximum of 25 students per class. For a class to commence, a minimum of 10 students is required.  If the minimum number is not reached, or for any other reason, the school reserves the right to cancel a class.
  • Placement Test: All new students (first grade and above) need to take a placement test. Further notification of test dates will be provided later.
  • Enrollment: Determined by the order of complete registration.
  • Parents Please Note:
    1. A weekly reminder regarding school events will be sent on Fridays, either to your Email or as text or voice message.
    2. Parents are strongly urged to participate in school activities throughout the school year including: Orientation, First Day of School Assembly, Parent/Teacher Conference, Chinese New Year Celebration Humanity Class, Buddha-Bathing Ceremony Humanity Class (May), Last Day of School Assembly.
  • Age:
    Pre-k class  is available for beginners levels of proficiency from ages 4. Must be at least 4 years old before August 22, 2021. PinYin~Higher Grade is available from ages 5 and up. New students enrolled in first grade or higher will be assessed before enrollment.
  • Uniform:
    Students are required to wear uniforms, and use Tzu Chi school backpacks during classes, which can be purchased at the beginning of the school year.
    1. Summer $15. Winter $16. Tzu Chi backpack $26.
    2. Navy Blue Khaki trousers and white sneakers may be purchased at stores such as Kohl’s, Target or Walmart.
TUITION AND FEE ( per annum, not tax deductible)
  • Registration fee: $30 (non-refundable) is required for all new students. Returning students, who enroll in class before 06/01/21 may waive the registration fee.
  • Tuition and Extracurricular Fees: $530
  • Sibling discount $20 is only applicable after the first sibling has already registered.
  • Member/Teacher discount: $30
  • Uniform fees are to be paid in a separate check or cash. Checks are payable to “TZU CHI ACADEMY”.
  • Returning students begin 04/12/21
  • New students begin 05/01/21
2021-2022 學年註冊簡章
  • 開學日期:08/22/21 (日)
  • 上課時間:每週日09:00 am ~ 12:30 pm
  • 課程規劃:一節人文課、一節才藝課及 兩節語文課
  • 語文課程:採用美洲華語教材
  • 才藝課程:課程仍在規劃中,依開學正式公佈為準。課程可能包括:茶道、花道、環保藝術、手語、繪畫、親子瑜伽、親子烹飪等。
  • 班級人數:每班以25人為限,至少10人才開班,學生人數不足或其他因素需考量時,學校有權決定不開班。
  • 新生測驗:除了幼中及拼音班級學生外,所有新生均需參加「程度測驗」,均依程度分班,考試日期將另行通知。
  • 錄取方式:依報名註冊手續全部完成之先後次序優先錄取。
  • 家長注意事項: 1.學校將藉由電郵、簡訊、或電話錄音等方式公告每週學校信息。 2.敬請家長踴躍參與本校各項人文活動,如:家長說明會、開學典禮、家長/老師座談會、新春活動人文精神課、浴佛節/三節合一人文精神課、結業典禮。
  • 入學年齡:4足歲~18歲以下 1. 4足歲以上的初學者,可進幼中班學習。必須在2021年8月22日之前滿4歲。 2. 5歲以上的學生都可報名拼音〜高年级。新學生就讀中一班以上将在入學前接受評估。
  • 制服:學生在上課時必需穿制服以及使用慈濟書包,請在開學日購買。 1. 夏季上衣$15,冬季長袖上衣$16,慈濟書包$26。 2. 深藍色卡其長褲和白色運動鞋,請自行在Kohl’s, Target, Walmart…等處購買。
  • 新生報名費用:$30(不可退費)。06/01/21開始,舊生報名視同新生,必須繳交$30報名費。
  • 學費/才藝費用:$530
  • 第二子女優惠: $20(僅在第一個兄弟姐妹已經註冊後適用)
  • 委員/老師優惠:$30
  • 制服費用支票另外開,現金或支票抬頭 TZU CHI ACADEMY
  • 舊生:04/12/21
  • 新生:05/01/21