Lunar New Year 2019: Tzu Chi Chicago Celebration

Midwest  |  March 1, 2019

2019 marks the beginning of the year of the pig, a signifier of wealth and prosperity for the year ahead. Every year, Tzu Chi USA commemorates the Lunar New Year with blessings of love and good fortune for all with a celebration.

This year, celebrations were held at the Tzu Chi Midwest Regional Office in Chicago on February 16 through February 17 for Tzu Chi Academy students, family members, and teachers. 

There were exciting performances from teachers and students during both days in celebration of the Lunar New Year, where they performed and wished Lunar New Years greeting to parents and fellow students. Both events also consisted of a prayer and a viewing of the 2018 Year in Review for Tzu Chi in Chicago and worldwide.

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Throughout the year, teachers dedicated time to teach students songs that reflect the spirit of the Lunar New Year. After much preparation, students and teachers had the opportunity to show what they had learned.

I think being here will make you more grateful for what you got and you’re willing to sacrifice a lot of things in your life and you got to pay more respect for your parents or family.

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After the performances, attendees received a red envelope for the new year greeting, filled with a generous message from Master Cheng Yen’s.

An image of the Buddha soothing the Earth and the universe was printed onto the red envelopes.

We are hoping that with this card, people may have purified hearts, and that there is harmony in society, and that it will create a war-free, disaster-free world.

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Children received a special, smaller coin that was designed by Tzu Chi in addition to the red envelope, each with a unique Jing Si aphorism from Master Cheng Yen. The words “blessed” and “wisdom” were printed onto the front of the cards. One aphorism example read as follows: “by improving our character, we help our self. By inspiring others, we help others.”

From everyone at Tzu Chi USA and our regions around the world, we wish everyone a happy and healthy 2019!

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