Helping to Protect Firefighters in San Francisco

Northwest  |  April 13, 2020
Tzu Chi volunteers in San Francisco donated PPE and snacks to the fire department.

The dense population in Northern California’s Bay Area presents a difficult challenge on the frontlines of the fight against COVID-19. While most people are staying at home, firefighters continue to serve the public selflessly. And when they arrive on the scene, the invisible virus may be waiting alongside those needing help. Therefore, they urgently need facemasks to protect themselves and to prevent the coronavirus virus from spreading. 

However, with a severe shortage of facemasks, the San Francisco Fire Department (SFFD) is struggling to obtain such critical personal protective equipment (PPE). To express their gratitude for firefighter’s selfless public service, Tzu Chi volunteers serving the San Francisco area donated 240 N95 masks and 1,000 surgical masks to the fire department, so these fire-responders can have less worry about their safety while on duty. 

The nutritious snacks Tzu Chi donated will allow firefighters to replenish their energy.
Tzu Chi volunteers carry the supplies being donated for firefighters, to the car for transport to the San Francisco Fire Department.
A team of Tzu Chi volunteers is part of the mission of providing PPE to first-responders in San Francisco.

When Jonathan Baxter, Community Affairs and Media Relations Officer for the SFFD, came to pick up the precious PPE, he was surprised at what he found. Not only were the tables loaded with facemasks, but 100 boxes of nutritious snacks were also waiting, donated so that firefighters could replenish their energy when needed.  

Jonathan Baxter recorded a video message to express his gratitude. Although he was wearing an N95 mask, it couldn’t hide the heartfelt joy in his voice.

The San Francisco Fire Department thanks Tzu Chi for this generous donation. We can feel they are full of love and support. These precious masks and snacks will keep the firefighters and paramedics healthy and happy. Your paying forward lets our first-responders feel that we’re needed, and we can safely devote ourselves to protecting the public. Thank you, Tzu Chi

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