Flatten the Curve with Tzu Chi USA


The Situation

Like the rest of the world, we’re watching the greatest pandemic of our time disrupt life everywhere. COVID-19 has exasperated our healthcare systems, put our socio-economic welfare in jeopardy, and has stirred panic in the strongest of us. But, time and time again, Tzu Chi USA resolves to ease this great time of suffering through compassion, relief, and love.


How We’re Helping

  • We’re supporting healthcare workers around the country by sourcing, purchasing, and sending medical supplies in the safest ways possible.
  • We’re opening up our charity services to those most critically impacted by the pandemic – including those with low-income, the elderly, the undocumented, and many more. This may be through food, supplies, cash relief, and much more.


What You Can Do

Donate now and help us flatten the curve amongst healthcare workers at hospitals, clinics, and medical care centers. And, empower us with the resources to offer comfort to those most vulnerable to COVID-19’s socio-economic consequences. 


With your help, we can help those in urgent need. Support us now!