Happy and Ready for School!

Central  |  December 9, 2015

Dallas Uniforms Distribution

Kids love new things. But for many, a new school uniform can be too much to hope for if their family is struggling to put food on the table.

Now imagine how it must have felt when 4,000 brand new uniforms reached the hands of underprivileged students in Dallas, Texas.

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During the first week of December, Tzu Chi USA volunteers travelled to seven schools in the Dallas area and brought new uniforms to jump start 2016 with unexpected joy for thousands of kids.

And when each child received his or her uniform, they also shared a personal moment with a volunteer. That loving and undivided attention is what the Tzu Chi spirit is all about, and it’s wonderful to see in action.

Distributions took place at: JP Starks Elementary School, Barbara Jordan Elementary School, C.F. Carr Elementary School, Rufus C Burleson Elementary School, Martin Luther King Jr. Learning Center, Joseph J. Rhoads Learning Center, and Felix G Botello Elementary School.

At last count, Tzu Chi USA distributed 10,000 uniforms in Texas in 2015! That equates to a lot of happy kids!

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