Emergency Aid For Hurricane Harvey Victims

National Headquarters  |  September 24, 2017

Upcoming Nationwide Street Fundraising and Charity Tour to Support Relief Efforts


San Dimas, Calif., Sept. 1, 2017 – Tzu Chi USA’s Hurricane Harvey disaster relief mission began with preparing 2,000 first-aid kits, and shipping 12,000 lbs of dehydrated instant rice (MRE) from Taiwan, all en route to Houston. Tzu Chi USA’s disaster assessment team, comprising members from across the country, met with local volunteers in Houston on Friday to formulate a strategic plan of action.

Tzu Chi volunteers across the U.S. (including Hawaii) will be street fundraising this weekend, reaching 23 states and over 200 locations. Since Aug. 25, all net ticket proceeds from Tzu Chi’s “Thousands of Helping Hands” (THH2017) Charity Art Performance tour are going directly to Harvey disaster aid. The tour comes to Dallas, San Jose, and Los Angeles between Sept. 9 and Oct. 1.

I’m with our disaster relief team in Houston to evaluate and plan short and long term goals. Your donation to Tzu Chi's Disaster Relief Fund will provide vital help to Houston residents facing devastating losses due to historic flooding.


You can help with a donation

Visit www.tzuchi.us for fundraising locations
Fundraising Hotline: 1-888-9TzuChi (888-989-8244)
Online donations: www.tzuchi.us
Mobile Donations: Text HarveyRecovery to 91999.
Check Donations: Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation,

1100 S. Valley Center Ave., San Dimas, CA 91773

Until Oct. 15, all donations marked “Disaster Relief Funds” will go directly to Hurricane Harvey aid.



Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation is a humanitarian non-profit NGO with the missions of charity, medicine, disaster relief, and education. Its footprint of aid at the forefront of poverty reduction and disaster relief has reached over 94 countries since 1966. In 2016, Tzu Chi USA distributed over $2 million in aid, benefiting those impacted by 48 disasters in the US. Between 1993 and 2016, it offered medical services to 551,176 disadvantaged individuals. Its mobile food pantry serves impoverished communities in California weekly, benefiting 20,000 families annually. From 2006 to 2016, Tzu Chi USA provided character education to over 25,000 students. It also offered spiritual support and guidance to inmates through publications and letters. 


To learn more about Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation, visit: www.tzuchi.us

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