Tzu Chi Houston Volunteers Deliver Love and Warmth to Landis Elementary School

Southern  |  December 10, 2022
Tzu Chi volunteers distributing winter clothes to Landis Elementary School students
Volunteers bring gifts to students at Landis Elementary School as part of Tzu Chi’s Happy Campus Program. Photo/Lijuan Xiao

Written by Wenhui Cai
Edited by Chenglin Li
Translated by Ariel Chan
Edited by Adriana DiBenedetto

On November 3, 2022, Tzu Chi Houston volunteers delivered several bags of brand-new winter coats and their warmest wishes to students at Landis Elementary School, a partner of Tzu Chi’s Happy Campus Program.

Winter Coats Filled With Love

Inflation remains a pressing issue for households across the nation, and after the prolonged effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become increasingly challenging to weather such shocks. With this, Tzu Chi’s Happy Campus Program strives to help families meet their needs and empowers communities.  

Since 2009, volunteers from Houston have been distributing supplies to Landis Elementary School twice a year, with one event at the beginning of school to donate uniforms, stationery, and other materials, and another during winter to donate warm clothes. 

Volunteers had been preparing for this winter distribution for a long time, purchasing the necessary items according to a list provided by Landis Elementary School. Volunteers shopped around online, hoping to select quality winter clothes that the children would love. Then, they sorted through the items before purchase to make sure that each winter coat was durable and warm. Finally, they gathered at the Tzu Chi Houston Service Center to organize the clothes, ensuring that every student can feel their care when they receive the supplies.

Love and Nourish the Spirit

Tzu Chi volunteer encouraging Landis Elementary School students
Students display their compassion by dropping coins into a bamboo bank in the hopes of helping someone else someday. Photo/Lijuan Xiao
Tzu Chi volunteers receiving gifts from Landis Elementary School and students
Flowers and heartfelt messages are given to Tzu Chi volunteers by the school and students. Photo/Lijuan Xiao

Tzu Chi volunteer Huayin Lin shared the meaning of the word “Tzu Chi” in Chinese, with “tzu” meaning compassion and “chi” meaning relief. During the gathering, the children shared their reflections as well, and volunteers were touched by the heart-warming words of students who wished to help others.  

The school also presented blooming orchids to the Tzu Chi Houston branch, a magnificent symbol of the friendship between Tzu Chi and Landis Elementary School. At the same time, they expressed thanks to the Tzu Chi volunteers for their lasting care.

Gratitude and Support

Student Mia Cardona give Tzu Chi volunteers letter with drawing as a gift
Mia Cardona gives volunteers a thank you message adorned by hand-drawn pictures of Pikachu. The message reads, “Thank you for everything Tzu Chi Foundation we love you. Thank you for the sweaters and for coming to Landis.” Photo/Wenhui Cai
Tzu Chi volunteers teaching students sing language song
Tzu Chi volunteers lead students in learning the Sign Language piece, “Love and Care.” Photo/Wenhui Cai

Mia Cardona, a third grader, also received supplies from Tzu Chi last year. This time, she drew pictures of Pikachu for the volunteers, alongside a thoughtful message of thanks: 

Thank you for everything Tzu Chi Foundation we love you. Thank you for the sweaters and for coming to Landis.

Volunteers organized sharing activities for the donation event as well, and led students in the Sign Language piece, “Love and Care.” Through this group performance, the volunteers hoped to imbue compassion, inspiration, and joy within their hearts.

Volunteers move 40 winter supply bags for the day’s distribution. Photo/Wenhui Cai

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