Bringing the Message of the Very Veggie Movement to Oral Surgeons in Las Vegas

National Headquarters  | October 5, 2020
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Dr. Jesse Falk accepts a PPE donation from Tzu Chi USA on behalf of the Canyon Oral & Facial Surgery Clinic. Photo/Audrey Cheng

Written by Audrey Cheng
Translated by Diana Chang
Edited by Dilber Shatursun

July 24 was a hot yet auspicious day. Tzu Chi Las Vegas volunteers would visit the Canyon Oral & Facial Surgery and meet Jessie Falk, DMD, to deliver a donation of personal protective equipment (or PPE) and spread the message of the Very Veggie Movement – a campaign to transform the world through vegetarianism.

In a heat that would reach 107°F, Tzu Chi volunteers picked up nutritious vegetarian meals from a local restaurant. When they arrived at the clinic, there was a bit of a wait. Passing 2 PM, one volunteer remarked how uncertain schedules could be for doctors and medical staff as they tended to the needs of their patients.

A local restaurant prepares vegetarian meal boxes for Canyon Oral & Facial Surgery in July. Photo/Audrey Cheng
The meal includes sauteed string beans, fried tofu, steamed broccoli, and white rice. Photo/Audrey Cheng

When they saw the team walking toward them, the volunteers immediately pepped up and greeted the team with smiles through their masks. They began their presentation on vegetarianism and the importance of an ethical diet to save animal lives, reduce the impacts of climate change, and stave off further animal-borne pathogens (like the new coronavirus and more).

From the meeting, four dentists made a sincere pledge that they would try to become full-time vegetarians. Another three of them pledged to make two of their three daily meals vegetarian ones. Another pledged one

Dentists sign up for the Very Veggie Movement. Photo/Audrey Cheng
Dr. Jessie Falk pledges to eat 2 vegetarian meals a day. Photo/Audrey Cheng

A vegetarian diet is not only good for our health, but also good for the Earth.

Jing Si Aphorism by Dharma Master Cheng Yen

Since late June, Dr. Falk had arranged to pick up a donation of PPE from the Tzu Chi Las Vegas Service Center that included 10 precious N95 respirators and 20 isolation gowns. However, his schedule was such that he had little time to come and retrieve the donation.

Accepting the donation Tzu Chi volunteers brought with them, Dr. Falk was so moved and said, “thanks for the PPE and thank you all for coming to present this meaningful movement at the clinic today.”

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