將於 4/16 起接受 2023~2024 學年度新生註冊。請聯繫我們[email protected] 以了解更多情況。
Registration and new student enrollment for the 2023-2024 school year will begin at 4/16. Please contact [email protected] for more details.

HIRING /招聘教師

美國波特蘭慈濟人文學校,現正招聘2023-2024 學年教師 。

歡迎凡是對中文教學有經驗,且對慈濟有所了解並認同慈濟之人士,加入教學團隊行列。有興趣者請將簡歷 email至 [email protected]  詢問詳情。

* 應徵者須有合法的美國工作身份,即擁有美國公民身份或美國永久居留權。

ABOUT US /關於我們

We are a Portland based Chinese School, teaching traditional Chinese and Culture, nourishing humanity and virtue.

上課時間: Sunday 1PM – 3:50PM (含人文課)
上課地點:German International School
3900 SW Murray Boulevard, Beaverton, OR 97005

招生班別: 注音班、一至十冊班(幼幼班暫無)

Tzu Chi’s education is a “people-oriented” one that not only teaches the Chinese language and talents but also emphasizes the education of life and the cultivation of a humanistic spirit. Through courses such as sign language, environmental protection, flower arrangement, tea ceremony, drama, puppet show, Jing Si Aphorism, as well as public welfare activities such as visiting homes for the elderly and community distribution, we tend to cultivate compassion and kindness and inspire students’ love and good moral conduct.

Many Chinese descendants overseas take learning Chinese as a chore because of the lack of a Chinese-speaking environment. Since its establishment, Tzu Chi Academy Portland, in addition to the courses in Chinese language and Jing Si Aphorism, integrated programs such as festival activities, Chinese folk crafts, and tea ceremonies into the curriculum, creating a highly lively and life-like teaching environment. Through various activities, students learn Chinese and understand the beauty of tradition, and cultivate humanistic qualities.

Learning Chinese should be a joy. Through learning the Chinese language, the students could understand the rich nutrition contained in the Chinese culture, let alone Tzu Chi’s humanistic spirit which is undoubtedly an invaluable treasure. The children are made aware of the characteristics that are different from the Western world in their cultural roots as well as its unique connotation, so that they can grow up happily, healthily, and confidently in the environment of Western culture.


很多海外學子,因為缺乏中文環境的薰陶,以學習中文為苦事。波特蘭慈濟人文學校成立以來,除了傳授中文與靜思語,更在課程中融入節慶活動、民俗工藝、茶道等課程,創造了一個非常活潑與生活化的教學環境。  藉由各項活動,學習中文,了解傳統之美,更涵養人文素養。


Purpose and Principles

Tzu Chi Academy Portland is a non-profit educational and cultural institution that adheres to Tzu Chi’s spiritual concept and takes compassion, joy, honesty, and integrity as the school motto; it’s devoted to cultivating students’ attitudes of honesty and integrity while practicing compassion and love in life. The teaching is targeted at making the students understand Chinese culture and cultivate Tzu Chi’s humanistic spirit.




The teaching of the Chinese language and cultivation of Tzu Chi’s humanistic spirit is facilitated through inspiring games and experience activities while integrating traditional customs, festival activities and handicrafts; we hope to:

  • Create a happy Chinese language learning environment, let children learn Chinese with joy, which facilitates long-lasting learning.
  • Teach language in life-like scenarios: Learning a language is not just about learning language skills, but about learning the culture, customs, history, art, and music that are intertwined with the language. Therefore, the curriculum integrates Jing Si Aphorism, folk and festival activities, and traditional talents and skills, nurturing intangible teaching.
  • Open another door in life for the children. Each child is of different aptitudes and personalities. Under the modern pressure of chess, calligraphy, and painting, instruments, singing, playing, and photography, children can find the value in their lives through the humanistic nurture of Tzu Chi, and a door to the child’s own life could be opened for him/her so that the child not only learns academic knowledge but also has his/her own unique and brilliant scorecard.



  • 創造快樂的華語學習環境,讓孩子快樂學習中文,學習愉快才能恆久。
  • 生活化的教學:學習一種語言,不是只學語言,學習的是與這個語言交織的文化,風俗,歷史,藝術,歌曲…所以課程融合靜思語、民俗節慶、傳統技藝,孕育教學於無形。
  • 替孩子開生命中的另一扇門。每個孩子資質個性都不一樣,在琴棋書畫吹拉談唱打球照相的現代壓力下,讓孩子從慈濟人文素養中,找到自己的生命價值,為孩子開一扇屬於她自己人生的門,讓孩子不僅學到課業知識,更有自己獨特而亮麗的人生成績單。

Teaching Objectives

  • Through the teaching of Jing Si Aphorism and character education, students can broaden their horizons, cultivate the merit of magnanimity, and develop excellent personality traits and living habits through life practice.
  • Through the experience and cognition of Chinese cultural activities, students can improve their listening, speaking, reading, and writing of the Chinese language.
  • Through the cultivation of talents and humanities courses, students can improve their realms of truth, goodness and beauty can be improved.


  • 藉由靜思語教學與品格教育開拓學生的視野,培養寬廣的氣度,並在生活實踐中養成優秀的人格特質與生活習慣。
  • 藉由中華文化活動的體驗與認知,提升中文聽、說、讀、寫的能力。
  • 透過才藝與人文課的涵養,提昇真善美的人生境界。


Tzu Chi Academy, Portland
Email: [email protected]

Tzu Chi Portland Service Center
3800 SW Cedar Hills Blvd #194
Beaverton, OR 97005
Phone: 503-643-2130

Class Location 上課地點:
German International School
3900 SW Murray Boulevard, Beaverton, OR 97005

(只限於上課時間,週日下午 1:00~3:50)