Top 12 Reasons To Walk or Run For A Charity

National Headquarters  |  July 18, 2019
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With the beautiful summer weather outside, this is the perfect time to sign up for an unforgettably rewarding experience with friends, family and the local community. Here are 12 reasons why you should consider traveling the path towards better personal health, global solidarity and a cleaner future.

  1. Save a charity the extra cost
    Charities face high fees for the cost of planning a charity run. These fees take away from the funding that goes towards aid for those in need. When you take part in the event, you honor that charity by saving them money and providing further support for their humanitarian efforts.
  2. Find a fulfilling purpose
    When you commit to a charity run, you’ll discover a new purpose. This will motivate you to go the distance and benefit others. You’ll not only empower yourself, but people around the world.
  3.   Be motivated to train
    Starting a new workout is never an easy feat, and with busy schedules it’s easy to lack motivation to prioritize the time. A charity run provides you with the time, expectations and motivation to achieve your fitness goals.
  4.  Fulfill personal reasons
    You might have reasons personal to you that inspire you to join a charity run, like supporting a cause that had an affect on you, your family or a friend. With a few steps, you could be funding a medical treatment for a person in need, providing a life-line to disadvantaged communities or protecting vulnerable wildlife.
  5. Support a cause close to your heart
    Joining a charity run is more than just providing a donation online. There is power in being physically present to support a cause. Your participation expands beyond just the financial contribution by strengthening communal resilience in aid efforts.
  6. Join a family of compassionate people
    Participating in a charity run is like running with and for your extended family. There is a sincere sense of camaraderie when people come together to support a cause. There will always be someone next to you to lift your spirits or motivate you to reach the finish line.
  7. Get cool, FREE swag
    From fresh shirts to fancy kicks, some charity runs give you the best swag for FREE with participation. You can get hats, socks, water bottles, even towels for your next summer get-away. It helps the charity spread awareness, and gives you some freebies to enjoy – it’s a win-win!
  8. Benefit from a tax break
    When you support a nonprofit event, you are eligible for a tax break. Even your donation to the admission may be tax deductible, but make sure you confirm with the nonprofit you’re supporting.
  9. Help raise awareness
    Charity runs are usually organized to support a cause, like Relay For Life or Steps for the Earth. Be proactive about your cause and encourage others to take a step forward with you.
  10. Improve your health and wellbeing
    Run or walk with a charity to boost your overall fitness, tone up for summer, or clear your mind. Charity runs are a great opportunity to reach your goals and reap the numerous mental health benefits from the exercise.
  11. Meet new people from the community
    People who regularly participate in a charity run become family. This is a wonderful way to meet new people and make new friends. You already have something in common – you care about the same cause!
  12. Get some great miles for your apps
    If you use fitness apps like FitBit and MyFitnessPal or fun apps like PokemonGo, Harry Potter, and Ingress, charity runs provide ample mileage to reach your goals. Get active, enjoy the beautiful summer weather, and have fun!

Surely by now, you are convinced about the benefits of running or walking for charity! Ready to get started? Check out Tzu Chi USA’s first annual Steps for the Earth charity walk.

Tzu Chi Walk - Steps for the Earth

Our first annual Tzu Chi Walk: Steps for the Earth gives people from all walks of life the opportunity to raise money for disaster survivors around the world.

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