The Very Veggie Movement: Can Vegetarians and Non-Vegetarians Live Together?

National Headquarters  |  March 19, 2020

Can vegetarians and non-vegetarians live together peacefully? Why, of course, they can! All it takes is a little bit of communication and understanding. As we set forth on the trail of our Very Veggie Movement, we’re sharing a wide array of helpful tips for making the switch to a vegetarian lifestyle easier. Indeed, doing something new tends to seem a lot less daunting when there’s someone to help and guide you along the way, so being the only vegetarian in the house can raise some questions when it comes to navigating mealtimes together. But fear not — it is absolutely doable! 

Being kind and communicative is key

Be sincere with your housemates. Whether you live with your family, your partner, or a roommate, it’s good to let them in on your decision in advance. Perhaps they’ll even opt to join you. After all, there are bound to be loads of things you eat that are already vegetarian — like rice and beans, pizza, pasta, cereals, veggie soup, salads, veggie burgers, grilled cheese sandwiches. The list goes on! 

Allocate fridge space

If you’re sensitive to the sight or smell of packaged meat in the freezer, kindly let them know. To avoid any sort of cross-contamination through leakage, designate the lower shelf for meat, and the upper shelf for frozen fruits, vegetables, and the like. You can even hold them in freezer-safe containers for a bit of added assurance.

Keep it clean and respect each other's boundaries

Wash up after your meals. Don’t assume your vegetarian roomie, partner, or other family members will scrub pans that have been used to cook non-vegetarian meals. Additionally, if you’re not too fond of mixing up or confusing pots and utensils, buy one set of cooking utensils just for you — even better if they’re a different color.

Know your options and enjoy the journey

Check out our Ten Tips for Going Vegetarian guide to help you along. Think about the meals you usually like and see how easily they can be made vegetarian. Visit your local grocery store and experiment with different foods and brands. Explore recipe sites to discover new dishes, or learn how to tweak old favorites!

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