Revisiting Haiti

National Headquarters  |  April 26, 2017

When Hurricane Matthew tore through Haiti in October of 2016, its effects were keenly felt by residents. Many lost their homes, their source of income, cherished memories, and more among the ruins. It was soon after that our relief volunteers arrived, setting out for assessment, providing hot meals, and initiating a Cash-For-Relief program. As part of our long-term relief efforts, volunteers have reunited with the people of Haiti for further relief.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

With the Port Salut bridge now temporarily repaired, our relief volunteers mobilized anew for a distribution. Twenty local #volunteers distributed 1,856 bags of rice in the Port-à-Piment commune of Haiti.

Also at our distribution in Camp-Perrin, we met 11 year-old Naika Lamar. Although she is very young, she is valiantly committed to taking care of her mother, who is blind. She told volunteers that she took the initiative upon herself to contact her pastor, obtained a rice voucher, and traveled to the distribution for that very cause.

My mother will be happy. I sell peanuts in the street to make money. Now that I have this rice, I will take a break, and play a little bit.

My mother will be happy. I sell peanuts in the street to make money. Now that I have this rice, I will take a break, and play a little bit.

Bright smiles of care recipients and volunteers alike signified another successful distribution, and we hope to continue to extend our hands in aid to the people of Haiti.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Our relief volunteers in Haiti held a disaster aid distribution for those who are struggling in Lévy, a community in Camp-Perrin in Les Cayes. 500 residents received bags of rice at this distribution. These individuals continue to persevere after the combined strain of Hurricane Matthew and the recent extreme weather conditions that provoked serious flooding. Volunteers from near and far are grateful to join hands in providing aid to those in need, and will continue to travel this path to recovery together.

It surprised me to see the people are so nice and respectful while they’re distributing. It was such a pleasure. May God bless them everywhere they go.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Residents in Haiti are now facing a new heartache after they continue to navigate the obstacles in their path left by the destruction of Hurricane Matthew. From April 20th to the 23rd, torrential rains struck multiple communities included within the Grand Anse region, collapsing the Port Salut bridge, flooding homes, and causing further damages throughout Les Cayes, Torbeck, and Port Salut. Makeshift houses folded, residents suffered losses in agriculture and livestock, and much more. Our volunteers are on scene, conducting their assessment of the situation today; we hope to continue providing aid to those in need!

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Our relief volunteers held another disaster aid distribution in Jérémie, Haiti, today, where 872 families benefitted from the distribution! Residents have been steadily walking the long and arduous road to recovery since Hurricane Matthew hit in October of 2016, and our volunteers are grateful to be able to extend their helping hands to those in need. With sincerity in our hearts, we hope that we may continue to return smiles to the faces of the people of Haiti.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Today concluded another successful disaster aid distribution in Jérémie, Haiti, for individuals who continue to feel the prolonged strain caused by Hurricane Matthew. Working together with our new volunteers from Haiti, we provided over 3,200 bags of rice to 1,623 families during this distribution alone! With hearts alight in their enthusiasm, these volunteers –  both local and from the US – worked together seamlessly to provide compassionate disaster relief.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

More than 3,300 bags of rice were provided for 1,655 Haitian families at the Jérémie Police Department at today’s distribution! 43 Haitian locals who received their first volunteer training class yesterday served alongside our US volunteers, earnestly wishing to help their community get back on its feet, and devoted their efforts to our disaster relief mission.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Relief volunteers conducted a disaster aid distribution of rice in Torbeck, Haiti, for individuals who are struggling after the destruction that Hurricane Matthew left in its wake in 2016. Residents still feel its effects heavy on their shoulders, and waiting around each corner. As part of our long-term relief mission, volunteers are working to alleviate some of that weighty burden.

While meeting with local residents, volunteers spoke with Villefranche Cupidon, a farmer in need of aid. When the hurricane devastated the Southern coast of Haiti in 2016, families like that of Villefranche Cupidon lost all their crops. Although they have since attempted to plant new crops since then, their harvests, such as their black bean crop, have been tainted by disease. This has dramatically limited their ability to produce enough to sell at the market. Our long term disaster relief in Haiti, which includes a Cash-for-Relief program, aids in empowering farmers like Villefranche, to pave the way for bettering their own futures.

Also during today’s eventful schedule, volunteers Conducted a training class for 45 Haitian citizens who desire to become Tzu Chi Volunteers. During the training, participants expressed interest in the Foundation’s origins, principles, and how to become more active in serving their communities. The group’s journey in relief work will begin with our rice distributions that will take place in the coming days.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

After Hurricane Mathew caused tremendous damage to the southern coast of Haiti last year, relief volunteers were there with helping hands outstretched, and our long-term disaster relief mission persists.

Today, as volunteers were traveling to their destination in Haiti, carrying vouchers for the distributions in the coming days, unexpected heavy downpours hindered their progress, soaking the vouchers. 5,000 vouchers for the people of Torbeck and Jérémie, Haiti, were utterly drenched.

It was then, when the situation became apparent, that residents and volunteers alike worked together to dry them! Some even climbed up onto rooftops, to help them better reach the sun’s warmth. Volunteers were incredibly grateful, and back on schedule to provide relief to those in need.

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