Outstanding Medical Outreach in NYC

Northeast  |  August 19, 2016
On August 7th, 2016, Tzu Chi New York hosted a free medical outreach event in Flushing, Queens. Although this is an annual activity for this chapter, the clinic in 2016 was the largest to date, offering 19 medical specializations, dental care, medical screening tests, and healthcare education all in one setting at the Sheraton Hotel in Flushing.

Dr. Kenneth Liao, Deputy Director of Tzu Chi International Medical Association (TIMA) could see the difference this year compared to the past, especially in terms of the scope of dental care provided:

We could only help about 70 to 80 people (before), and we only provided a dental cleaning service. However, this time it is different, more professional, with more equipment, more volunteers. We even had a dental X-ray machine to do examinations, so we could do even more.

New York City Council Member Peter Koo visited the free clinic to show his support, and was greatly impressed by the grand scale this year, noting that it was the biggest medical outreach event in the history of Flushing.

I’m amazed to see two entire floors (of the hotel) occupied by the event!

Peter Koo has supported Tzu Chi New York for over a decade, and has seen the scope of its aid first hand.

Tzu Chi is such a great organization, all the volunteers selflessly help others, all the donations are used for community development, especially disaster relief. After Superstorm Sandy in 2012, Tzu Chi helped a lot of disaster survivors. Although I’m not a Buddhist, I’m deeply touched by Tzu Chi’s spirit of Great Love, and I’m pleased to help Tzu Chi’s programs.

In order to support this extensive medical outreach venture during a year that marks two significant anniversaries for the Foundation, Tzu Chi USA shipped a lot of medical supplies and equipment all the way from its headquarters in California:

This year is Tzu Chi Foundation’s 50th anniversary, and also Tzu Chi New York’s 25th anniversary. We shipped 13 dentist chairs from California, which made a total of 27 chairs available on the day of the event. Thanks to all the volunteers and doctors at the event! They are the true heroes, they made this happen.

Volunteers and doctors from different communities and hospitals came to show their solidarity and participate in the event.

Volunteers and doctors from different communities and hospitals came to show their solidarity and participate in the event.

The Queens Dental Society (with whom Tzu Chi partners in the New York area), New York-Presbyterian Hospital, and the American Cancer Society were there to provide their help as well.

In total, over 300 volunteers were present and served the more than 220 New York residents who came to this year’s free clinic.

2016 set the bar quite high, but with our support, Tzu Chi New York can surpass even this quality and quantity of services next year.

Hopefully Tzu Chi New York will host more medical outreach events in the future, partnering up with other organizations and providing routine medical help to more people in need.

We believe in you, Tzu Chi New York, and thank you for your love and care!

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