Tzu Chi Academy, Chicago・芝加哥慈濟人文學校

School Address/學校地址: 699 Plainfield Rd., Downers Grove, IL 60516
Weekday Office Address: 1430 Plainfield Rd, Darien,IL 60561
Phone/電話: 630.963.6601

E-mail/電子郵件: [email protected]

School begins on September 12, 2021, and takes place every Sunday between 1:00pm – 4:30pm 



Course Features


Pre Kindergarten-1

Pre Kindergarten-2

Students explore and learn Chinese in imaginative and playful ways through games and activities.

Self-edited teaching materials/

Start Learning Chinese -PreK


Students learn BoPoMoFo and basic vocabulary to establish the foundation of accurate Chinese pronunciation.

Start Learning Chinese- ZhuYin

1st to 4th Grade

Students learn to recognize Chinese words, Chinese character composition and use phrases to make sentences. Incorporate recording homework to improve students’ pronunciation and expression capability.

Easy Chinese New Edition

5th to 7th Grade

Students learn words, phrases and use Pinyin for Chinese typing. Incorporate stories and idioms to enrich students’ vocabulary; teach basic articles writing skill from using phrases and sentence to create paragraph.

Easy Chinese/  Let’s Learn Chinese

8th to 9th Grade

Through the balanced curriculum design of listening, speaking, reading, thinking and writing, students learn to utilize Chinese and improve their writing skills.

Let’s Learn Chinese

CFL (Chinese as Foreign Language) Class

Through situated teaching, teachers will create practical life scenarios in classrooms while utilizing educational materials and tools to facilitate learning. Students will be encouraged to learn through dialogue and listening to maximize their understanding and the usage of the Chinese.

CFL EC: [Little Bean Learn Chinese] & other learning material

CFL Beginner and above: [Chinese Wonderland] & [Let’s Learn Chinese]

  • Age: New Pre-K1, Pre-K2, K student registrations must meet the following requirements and birth Certificate is required.
    Pre-K1: Age 3 -4, born on or before 8/31/2018.
    Pre-K2: Age 4 -5, born on or before 8/31/2017.
    K: Age 5 -6, born on or before 8/31/2016.
    New students aged 6 or younger (as of 8/31) from non-mandarin-speaking regions can only be placed in Grade 1 or lower.
  • Placement test/Assessment: Placement test/Assessment is required for new students registering for First Grade or higher, or for a CFL class.  Please contact Office of Academic Affairs.
  • Uniform:
    School uniform tops are $12 each. Winter uniform tops are $15 each. Uniform fees are subject to change (as costs change) without notice. Navy blue pants (no jeans) are $10 each and can be purchased separately at retail stores. When purchasing uniforms from the school, please write a separate check from the tuition/fee.
  • Tuition and fees are $510/student for CFL classes for the school year. All the other classes are $480/student a year. It includes the tuition, homework material fee, and basic extracurricular tuition but does not include applicable extracurricular material fee.

  • Extracurricular is required for students registering at the 1st grade or higher (CFL-Beginner or higher for CFL Track). For students (such as CFL-EC, Pre-K1, Pre-K2, and K) who are not required to take an extracurricular class and who choose not to register for an extracurricular class, they will receive a reduction of tuition and fee of $130/student ($350 for heritage track, $380 for CFL-track).

Refund Policy

Please refer to the “Refund Process and Rules” section in the “REGISTRATION INFO” PDF file  .


Registration processing fee is non-refundable and is $20 per student. The registration processing fee is required for new students. The registration processing fee can be waived for current students if registered before 8pm on 5/23/21.

For those who have completed pre-registration by 8/29/21:
  1. You will receive an automatic system-generated confirmation email after you have submitted the pre-registration online. Please review the PDF attachment in the confirmation email and ensure all the information you entered was correct, specially your contact email and phone #. If there is any error or need to make any changes, please email to [email protected].
  2. Due to the pandemic, the extracurricular class information will not be available until early August. Please complete the extracurricular class registration in addition to the Chinese class registration before 08/29. You will receive an automatic system-generated confirmation email after you have submitted the pre-registration online. Please review the PDF attachment in the confirmation email and ensure all the information you entered was correct. If there is any error or need to make any changes, please email to [email protected].
  3. If the contents in the PDF attachment is correct, please print out a copy of the PDF file and sign all the signature fields. Please bring a signed copy to the school on the first day of the school and remit the payment.When you pre-register, the system will automatically provide a fee estimate. School reserves the right to correct any mis-calculations caused by system error or any other reasons.  School will provide a tuition/fees breakdown list for each student on the 1st day of school. After confirming the tuition amount, please remit a check with the final amount to the registration team.
  4. The registration will be considered as completed only after the registration team has received your payment check and a signed copy of the document.
  5.  Pre-registered students who do not complete the registration process on the first day of school may lose his/her seat in the class selections to those on the waiting list. If for any reason you can’t attend the first day of school to complete the registration process, please inform the school via [email protected] AND submit your payment check to Tzu Chi Chicago office at 1430 Plainfield Rd. Darien, IL 60561. The check needs to be received by 9/1/21.

For those who did not complete the pre-registration by 8/29/21:

You must email school before starting on-line registration. After submission, you will receive an automatic system-generated confirmation email. If the contents in the PDF attachment is correct, please print out a copy of the PDF file and sign all the signature fields. Bring the signed copy along with a check(s) covering tuition/fee and payable to TZU CHI to the school registration staff and remit the payment.


Due to Covid-19, the tuition payment method and procedure are adjusted as below:

  1. The on-line pre-registration will provide a system calculated amount for the fee (including the basic extra-curricular class fee). The amount is subject to review and the school reserves the rights to correct any errors caused by human/system mis-calculation.
  2. School will provide an invoice with the tuition fee breakdown for each student on the 1st day of school. Please make a check with the tuition total on the invoice and hand in the check to the registration team at the school.
  • Please thoroughly read the “REGISTRATION INFO” PDF file  for all registration info before registering.
  • If a family has more than 1 student to pre-register, please re-click the pre-registration link every time in order to complete the full process for each student.
  • Please keep in mind that the emails and the phone #’s you provided in the pre-registration will be used for pre-registration confirmation, as well as any future communication from school. Please make sure they are correctly entered and they are email addresses you frequently monitor.
  • New and transferred students will need to pre-registered during their designated pre-registration periods. If a student is pre-registered before they are eligible, his/her pre-registration will be cancelled and all the selected classes will be released to other qualified students. This student will need to re-submit his/her pre-registration during the assigned periods again.
  • The on-line pre-registration form can be submitted through desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. If you encounter an issue during submission, please try using other devices or browsers.
  • TCAC reserves the right to cancel or combine classes due to low registration.

Please refer to the “Extracurricular” section in the “REGISTRATION INFO” PDF file to see the class options before registering.
Extracurricular is required for students attending the 1st grade or higher on the heritage track. For CFL-track, extracurricular is required for students in CFL-Beginner or higher. Extracurricular class vacancies are filled as the registrations are processed. After an extracurricular class has reached its maximum capacity, no new registration for the class will be accepted. Unless otherwise noted, each extracurricular class is subject to a 6-registered-student minimum requirement. No extracurricular selection change will be allowed after the 3rd lesson begins. Due to the pandemic, the extracurricular class information and registration will be announced in early August. If the school continues in a remote learning format, the extracurricular class will be elective or may not be offered.


2021-2022 學年度於 9/12/2021 開學,上學日為每週日下午一點至四點半。























  • 新生的年齡限制:
    • 幼兒班以及注音班須符合年齡限制(如下),需出示出生證明
    • 幼一班:滿三歲至四歲學童,限08/31/2018(含)之前出生者
    • 幼二班:滿四歲至五歲學童,限08/31/2017(含)之前出生者
    • 注音班:滿五歲至六歲學童,限08/31/2016(含)之前出生者
  • 新生轉入:
  • 制服:
  • 一學年費用(需一次繳交)CFL班為$510元,其它班為$480元(包含學費、作業費、及才藝班基本學費),但不包含才藝班額外費用。
  • 一年級(含)以上才藝課為必修,注音班(含)下則為選修。
    CFL-EC、幼一、幼二、及注音班學生,若選擇不選修才藝課者,減收$130元(亦即是一學年$ 350元, CFL-EC一學年$380元)。
  • 若家中有第三個小孩就讀本校,該生(第三位小孩)可減免學費$30元(一學年)
  • 註冊手續費為$20元,在校生在5/23/21 8點之前完成註冊者,可免繳註冊手續費。新生則一律須繳註冊手續費。若因故在註冊後須申請退費者,註冊手續費將不退還。
  1. 完成預註冊後您將會馬上收到系統自動發出的確認 email,email 裡會有一份PDF檔案附件,請確認其內容都正確,尤其是您的 email 和電話,如果有任何錯誤,請送電郵至 [email protected] 與學校聯絡。
  2. 因為疫情關係,才藝班開課在八月初才確定,敬請在 8/29 前完成中文班以及才藝班之預註冊 及選課。才藝班預註冊及選課後,您將會馬上收到系統自動發出的確認 email,email 裡會有 一份 PDF 檔案附件,請確認其內容都正確,如果有任何錯誤,請送電郵至  [email protected]與學校聯絡。
  3. 如果PDF檔案內容皆正確,請您將其印出,並在簽名欄中簽名,請您於開學日當天到學校將它連同繳費支票,一起交給註冊組。線上預註冊時系統將會提供預估費用總額,學校保留更正系統其它因素造成的計算錯誤之權利。開學日學校會提供每位學生一份學費明細給家長。家長在確認學費明細後,再將正確金額的支票交給註冊組。
  4. 註冊組收到您的繳費支票及簽完名的文件後確認無誤後,才算完成註冊手續。 _
  5. 在開學日未完成繳費註冊的學生,視同自願將中文課及才藝課名額讓出給其他候補的學生。 如有事無法於第一周來上課,請先以電郵通知學校,並於9/1/21前將支票寄達靜思堂(地址:1430 Plainfield Rd. Darien, IL 60561)才能保留預註冊所選的班級及課程。

請先 email 學校才能進行線上註冊手續。完成線上註冊後您將會馬上收到系統自動發出的確認 email,email 裡會有一份 PDF 檔案附件. 如果 PDF 檔案內容皆正確,請您將其印出,並在簽名欄中 簽名,連同繳費支票,一起交給註冊組,完成註冊手續。 


今年因為疫情, 收費方式及流程也調整如下:

  1. 線上預註冊時系統將會提供預估之註冊費用(包含基本之才藝課費用),學校保留更正系統或其它因素所造成的計算錯誤之權利。
  2. 開學日學校會提供每位學生一份學費明細給家長。家長在確認學費明細後,再將正確金額支票交給註冊組。

請看”註冊須知” pdf 檔內的退費辦法

  1. 註冊前請務必詳閱”註冊須知” pdf 檔以了解所有註冊相關事宜。
  2. 如一個家庭中有多於一個孩子預註冊,請重新點選網址,並從首頁開始,為每個孩子分別完成預註冊程序。
  3. 您在預註冊單內所提供的電子信箱及電話,除此次預註冊使用外,也會是未來學校用來與您聯絡所有重要訊息的管道。請確認所提供的信箱住址及電話是正確的,且是經常查詢的信箱。
  4. 新生請遵循學校規定的預註冊時間。如遇有提前預註冊的情形,預註冊將會被取消,所選課程名額會讓出給其他符合資格的學生。必須於符合的規定時間重新預註冊。
  5. 網路預註冊表格可使用桌上電腦、筆電、平版或手機遞送,如過程中遇到問題,請試換不同工具及瀏覽器。
  6. 若有班級學生註冊人數不足,學校保留併班或取消開班的權利。、

請先至”註冊須知” pdf 檔中的 “才藝班”部分看提供的課程。
凡一年級 (含) 以上(CFL班則是CFL-初級班(含)以上)學生,才藝課為必修;注音班 (含)以下及CFL-EC班學童,才藝課為選修。有名額限制之才藝班,依註冊先後順序,額滿為止。除非有特殊原因,各班註冊學生人數需至少6人,才會開班。才藝課第三次上課時間開始起,不接受才藝班選課變更,若該才藝班有收取額外費用,該費用不退費。因受到疫情影響,才藝班開課及選課,將於八月初另行公佈。若因疫情關係,採線上同步教學時,才藝班將改為選修或不開設才藝班。