Responding to Evolving Pandemic Needs

National Headquarters  |  November 23, 2022
As the Delta variant makes a comeback in the summer of 2021, Tzu Chi once again sends much-needed PPE to medical workers. Chino Valley Hospital staff give volunteers a happy thumbs up after receiving a donation. Photo/Shuli Lo

Written by Shuli Lo
Translated by Hong (Ariel) Chan
Edited by Ida Eva Zielinska

By the Summer of 2021, despite the Delta variant of COVID-19 emerging, most people seemed to have forgotten the virus and pandemic, with businesses and stores reopening. In reality, the number of people infected with the new coronavirus in the United States rose again by Fall, and medical personnel struggled nervously on the frontlines. 

Medical facilities were again in dire need of various personal protective equipment (PPE) and supplies. Because of this, Tzu Chi Medical Foundation decided to donate supplies a second time to units in the Los Angeles area needing them.

To deliver supplies that meet needs precisely, volunteers first contacted the hospitals where Tzu Chi had sent PPE in 2020 to ask what they currently required. After receiving their response, the volunteers sent Tzu Chi’s care in the form of hand sanitizer delivered in August.

Volunteers prepare the second batch of PPE from Tzu Chi for delivery to various healthcare facilities. Photo/Shuli Lo

Organizations that accepted donations included Upland Rehabilitation & Care Center. The pandemic in 2020 was severe, and the nursing center had nosocomial infections and urgently needed PPE support. As soon as they heard that news, volunteers immediately sent masks and protective clothing for medical staff and patients. Tzu Chi’s selfless assistance deeply moved the team at the nursing center. 

This time in 2021, the volunteers delivered hand sanitizer in response to the care center’s needs. In addition to being pleasantly surprised, they were also infinitely grateful.

With the spread of the Delta mutation of the virus this year, we have to try to prepare for the next round of outbreaks. The large bottles of hand sanitizer sent by Tzu Chi can be placed in our nursing station for medical staff to use, while small bottles can be provided to patients. We’re very grateful for the material support and the encouragement to the staff. Thank you, Tzu Chi!

Christine Bak, Marketing Director at Upland Rehabilitation & Care Center, greets Tzu Chi volunteers. Photo/Shuli Lo

The San Antonio Regional Hospital in Upland also accepted PPE donated by Tzu Chi in 2020. With countless people entering and leaving the hospital every day and the possibility of contact with germs extremely high, frequent hand washing is an essential protection method, so hand sanitizers here are consumed a lot and in constant short supply. Receiving hand sanitizer in 2021 was a great help.

The number of confirmed cases of the new coronavirus is currently increasing, so I’m very grateful to Tzu Chi for donating hand sanitizers as such materials can prevent transmission. This pandemic is not over yet, and our medical workers need to stay healthy and strong.

San Antonio Regional Hospital receives a large batch of hand sanitizer from Tzu Chi in 2021. Photo/Shuli Lo

In addition to the above two facilities, volunteers also delivered hand sanitizers to Chino Valley Medical Center and Dean L. Shively Middle School. In this way, both hard-working medical staff and students and teachers who had just returned to campus excitedly could take preventive measures while getting their lives and work back on track as soon as possible.

We’re very grateful that these medical staff risked their lives during the pandemic to treat confirmed patients. And Tzu Chi delivered the supplies to them in time when they needed masks, protective clothing, and other medical supplies most. That’s why [even with] only one chance of contact, everyone has such a deep impression of and friendship with Tzu Chi.

Protecting each other’s health and safety requires a joint effort by all parties. Join hands with Tzu Chi USA to meet the healthcare needs in our communities nationwide. We’re stronger if we pool our love!

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