The Tzu Chi Volunteer Challenge #TCVC2019

We’re so grateful to all of you who’ve volunteered with us over the years! Our 30th anniversary celebrates your hard work and commitment to compassion and relief. Let’s make the most of the Tzu Chi Volunteer Challenge by sharing your stories on social media and inspiring your fellow volunteers. It’s a wonderful time to join hands!

Here's How

Look for a photo of yourself from when you first started volunteering and a photo of you now.*

Next, take a moment to reflect on your growth since you began volunteering. When/how did you start? How has it made a difference in your life? Write it down into 1-5 sentences.

Share the photos and your written caption in a single post on your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Tag @TzuChiUSA, plus the hashtag #TCVC2019.

From there, we’ll collect all your posts to create a community board right here on this page, where your story can help motivate and inspire your peers who have been so committed to doing good with us throughout our 30 years of service.

*Bonus if both are photos of your volunteer work in action!

Get to Know Your Fellow Volunteers

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Have much more to share about your experience? Submit a longer story of your life as a volunteer here.

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“Never despise the radiance of a single candle, because lighting up millions of candles would make a world full of brightness.”

Jing Si Aphorism, Dharma Master Cheng Yen

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