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The Future in Focus: Brigada de Esperanza Joins Tzu Chi NY for Vision Mobile Training

Tzu Chi volunteers are always grateful to collaborate with fellow volunteers at Brigada de Esperanza. And after working together to hold multiple food drives in New York for underserved families within Spanish-speaking communities, volunteers united again for a Vision Mobile training course, which will enable Spanish-speaking volunteers to reach out to more communities, and provide crucial vision services to children who require prescription glasses.

News and Updates

Tzu Chi’s Financial Relief Helps Families Overcome Challenges in East Palo Alto

East Palo Alto in California’s Silicon Valley is home to many vulnerable families, and during the ongoing pandemic, the necessities are even harder to obtain for those who already struggle. With the implementation of Tzu Chi’s Happy Campus Project, volunteers have served the area for ten years, and continue to uphold a strong relationship with the East Palo Alto School District. Understanding the unique hardships of locals, Tzu Chi extended a helping hand in the form of financial help.

News and Updates

Serving Communities in California With the Mormon Church

After months of searching for a suitable venue in Orange County, Tzu Chi USA National Headquarters Region volunteers finally obtained consent from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Santa Ana to hold a food distribution on their premises on August 22.

Embrace All with Equanimity

Online Dharma Study Group We would like to welcome you to join us this Sunday, December 6, for our monthly English Online Dharma Study Group at 3 pm HT /

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