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“The vision for Upaya was to integrate
the contemplative aspects of Buddhism
with the socially-engaged aspects.
My vision is everybody should be a chaplain,
but this kind of a chaplain,
a Upaya kind of a chaplain,
because we should all be addressing
the spiritual and existential issues
that are present in our world
and in the hearts of people.”
– Roshi Joan Halifax, Ph.D.

Each student of the Upaya Buddhist Chaplaincy program has a calling to relieve suffering. Join the graduation ceremony of the latest group and see how deeply everyone takes this mission to heart. Roshi Joan Halifax, Ph.D., the Zen priest, teacher, and scholar who heads this visionary program at the Upaya Zen Center in Santa Fe, New Mexico, is equally passionate about their path. Bear witness to the emergence of Bodhisattvas – trained to be of altruistic and compassionate service while leading to systemic transformation through their wisdom and presence – leaving for horizons where they’ll shine the light of loving-kindness in their chosen fields of work.

The Inspiration

At the Upaya Zen Center, nestled in the mountains above Santa Fe, New Mexico, Roshi Joan Halifax, Ph.D. – Buddhist teacher and author; Zen priest; anthropologist; pioneer in the field of end-of-life care; and Founder, Abbot, and Head Teacher of Upaya Institute and Zen Center – and a team of renowned Dharma teachers are committed to training and sending Buddhist chaplains into the world. The Upaya Buddhist Chaplaincy Training is a visionary and comprehensive program that focuses on altruistic and compassionate service and social transformation. Each graduate takes Socially Engaged Buddhism deeply to heart, striving to relieve suffering and make a positive difference through their work.

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